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Zeropark Push Ads Follow-Along: Erik’s Journey to Push Profits! 🚀

Zeropark Push Ads Follow–Along: Erik’s Journey to Push Profits! INTRO Hey guys! Erik here from my thai 🇹🇭 home office, this time with a new push traffic follow-along! As you may noticed push traffic has been definitely the hottest thing that appeared this year! Most of the major (affiliate friendly) traffic sources have added this […]

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📈The Wakeboarder’s Memo Book: Important Things I Learned Last Month – Vol 1📈

Hi guys! The last couple of months were super intense and I’m really grateful for Google, STM forum and friends from which I can learn something new every single day. A few days ago, I got the idea to open a series of monthly posts where I will cover the most important things that I […]

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Programming For Non-Programmer Affiliates, pt 1: Echoing Tracking Parameters

OK. It’s time. Time to tackle one of the questions that we get most frequently, and one of the things that many affiliates fear, struggle with, or just plain avoid like hell. How to learn to program. This is the first in a series of tutorials that will teach you the basics of programming in […]

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Adnium Introduces Premium Members Area Traffic RTB Auction!

Hello everyone — I have some exciting news to share regarding a new way to monetize premium adult dating traffic. Now, for the first time ever, Adnium ( is making Real Time Bidding possible on Members Area traffic from some of the best membership sites on the planet including: Dating Gold, Adult Friend Finder, Xpickup, […]

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Mation’s FB Case Study: 800k Revenue in 42 Days – 1 Campaign – 97% ROI

Hey everyone! Do I have a big treat for you all today! STM member David Atias, who you all know by his STM username “mation”, has generously divulged to me details on a big campaign he’s CURRENTLY running. He took a profitable campaign and turned it into a 6-figure campaign in 1 week by scaling […]

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New Tool: Lets You Apply to Lots of Aff Networks By Pushing 1 Button

UPDATE January 2019: We’re looking to add more networks to the tool! For details please see: Are you a newbie needing to get into more affiliate networks? Gotten rejected by networks in the past? Afraid of being rejected again? Here’s your solution! Introducing….the Central Vendor Application System: How to use the tool: 1)You […]

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12 Biggest Newbie Mistakes You Can Avoid (Part 1)

AM is not an easy skill to master, and making mistakes and learning from them is a big part of the learning process. During my many discussions with new affiliates on this forum and in the 6WAMC, I noticed that some of the same mistakes are being made by new affiliates – over and over […]

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NEW: Zero (!) Load Time Bot Tester For Your Live Campaigns

So, a couple of weeks ago I promised you an updated bot detection script, based on the research that I did into 2017’s bot population. And here it is! Features Of This Script Gives you an accurate read on the percentage of common bot traffic clicking your ad links. Effectively zero impact on page load […]

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Binom — Tracker For Professionals [-90% STM coupon]

19235 Binom Story In year 2015 when iMobiTrax was already of poor quality, and Voluum is yet not good enough, me and my team run tons of cheap traffic to various utilities and sweeps. We heavy-heartedly paid $3000 for Voluum, but dreamed about our own tracker solution, which on one side would be cheaper, and […]

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Want To UNDERSTAND Tracking? Read This Now.

If you want to really understand how tracking works, you only need to understand three things. These three things will let you understand any tracker – not just affiliate trackers like Voluum or Prosper, but also traffic source tracking and affiliate network tracking like Cake. They all work the same way! This tutorial’s pretty long, […]

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