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How not to give up on Affiliate Marketing before you actually master it?

Affiliate Marketing pulls a TON of interest from people looking for ways to make money on the internet. This is a known fact and there is no need to argue about it. The sad fact is that only a fraction of them actually make it, majority gives up at one stage or another. This is […]

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# The Ultimate Facebook Newbie Tutorial 2018 – Part 1 – The Almighty Ad Manager

Almighty? Yes al………..wait for it…….. MIGHTY! Let start off with some reasons why the ad manager is so good; – it’s on point, with not too much bells and whistles – it’s understandable, even for someone with little internet knowledge – it’s fast, and by this I mean within a few steps you have a […]

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[My unique facebook messenger strategy that generated $23,987.64 in one day]

Hey! Just wanted to say a quick thanks for clicking on my thread. My name’s Dim Niko. I run an ecommerce advertising agency, and also my own ecom brands online. After doing this for a couple of years I’ve explored a bunch of unconventional strategies and ‘hacks’ to geometrically grow companies online from zero to […]

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A Simple Way to Detect Bot Traffic in Voluum

Although Voluum is an amazing tracker, I’ve always had a hard time implementing bot detection techniques within my live campaigns. In order to do that, I either needed to have some PHP server side scripts or a second campaign from where I could filter my traffic, ending up in a chaotic mess of stats. Here’s […]

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Diversifying From Paid Traffic – and My SEO Story

I’ve recently come across several posts/PMs asking the same question (and even one member who asked when we met during AWA): How to hedge volatility in this business? How to turn affiliate campaigns into long-term assets? So I thought I’d write a post with my thoughts. My Early SEO Days As many of you know, […]

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7-figure Affiliate Marketer, 8-figure Facebook advertiser, 9-figure Ecom guy 💰

Did the headline grab your attention? Because I’m a decent copywriter too. After I lost my corporate job in 2009 (and at the time, what felt like losing my whole life), I fell into depression. Couldn’t pay the bills, new baby just born and no one was hiring because the world was in recession. I […]

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Quit my job for affiliate marketing today! $100 to $XX,XXX profit monthly in 2016

Today May 4th 2016, sitting here in Toronto, Ontario Canada (Yup Canadian Here!) – and I just decided to quit my fulltime job of 8 years to grow my affiliate marketing business! Here is my story… Like many of you affiliate marketers I was trying to make 2 income streams, one from a full time […]

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CHEATSHEET: Do’s and Don’ts for Adult Traffic

To add to our collection of handy cheat-sheets, here is one I made for adult traffic. Note: Consider this an evolving list to help the new people, feel free to add suggestions. Offer Types To Use : 1. Adult : Dating, PIN Submits (content billing), Cams, Get-Laid info products, Penis pills, Paid Sites … 2. […]

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$150k spend from 1acc | How does managing comments can increase your CR

If you were ever running Facebook campaigns I bet you’ve experienced sudden conversions drop and CPC increase on your ads. One day you were generating +200% ROI and the next day you’re at -50% level. This can be very frustrating as you need to set up new ad sets and gradually scale them to get […]

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Programming For Non-Programmer Affiliates, pt 1: Echoing Tracking Parameters

OK. It’s time. Time to tackle one of the questions that we get most frequently, and one of the things that many affiliates fear, struggle with, or just plain avoid like hell. How to learn to program. This is the first in a series of tutorials that will teach you the basics of programming in […]

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