Full Walkthrough of $30pd Campaign (Requested)

Here it is. Normal version: Fast version: No doubt some smarty is gonna say that this campaign is only making $17 a day in profit at its high point. Your right – on Lead Impact it was Also – theres a couple of Babies R Us and Toys R Us Offers out there today, so […]

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Make $140/Day NET Direct Linking an Email Submit…Full Camp Keywords and All

Ok so here is goes folks….keywords and all It doesn’t get any easier….. I made about $5700 in 5-6 weeks running this camp…. This tactic can be used RIGHT now….it works…plain and simple……so what are your waiting for???? step 1. watch movie step 2. click this at the bottom of the page IF you thought […]

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14 Days to Master Mobile Marketing

[UPDATE: the best way to get this guide is now in PDF form – thanks to Matomy for allowing us to share this, as it’s a Matomy product.] Ok boys and girls, Angry Russian is back and with a vengeance. The following is a Stack That Money exclusive. I along with help from a few […]

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***STM Mobile Tracker – OMFG!***

Ello ello boys and girls. After a lot of programming and testing , finally the long awaited STM mobile tracker is here. So , how much does this cost? $0 for STM members, $12,999 for non members Note : Please don’t share it outside of STM , this is a gift for our loyal members […]

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$1,000,000! I finally did it!

Hey guys, I have been a member here over 2 year, and learn a lot of stuff here.I think its time to introduce myself and giving a little back to the forum. About myself:Im a 25 YO guy from China, have been in affiliate marketing over 3 years.The first year, like most of you, i […]

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Mr Green’s Guide To Creating New Campaigns

Due to this poll hurr, I wrote this thread. Thanks to everyone who voted! Whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned veteran coming off a dieing campaign, every affiliate needs to know how to hunt for a fresh campaign. This is my way of coming up with new campaigns. Leggo! 1. Nominate a […]

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Mr Green’s Sweepstakes Secrets!

Today I’m going to dissect the sweepstake niche! You know those free iPhone/iPad/Grocery voucher type offers? I will uncover insights that separate the guys doing 50k/day and those of you stuck on $100/days. Before I start digging down too far I want to briefly show the overview of a sweepstakes offer. This is what a […]

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STEAL My Copywriting Templates (my $497 product free for STM members)

Before I started my health publishing company, I was an online copywriter for 5+ years … At one point I co-created (I actually did ALL the creation of the product) — this is my only product I created for the “Internet Marketing” crowd. We sold a few at $49/month for a while, and were going […]

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For Everyone sending PM’s this is how I do POF

Take these steps and put them to work, once I give them to you there is no more questions you need to ask because doing the work will answer the questions for you! and this will teach you the game of AM 100x faster! 1. Niche Offers – BBW’s, Parents, Religions, Races, Seniors etc2. Call […]

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STOP ignoring angles!

Prologue. This week I tested a new angle. It bombed, was in the red. However I tried to take a positive out of that campaign, I found the lander had a decent CTR. So next I tried the same kind of offer, with the same layout lander, but with a different angle. It destroyed, it […]

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