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Zeropark Push Ads Follow-Along: Erik’s Journey to Push Profits! 🚀

Zeropark Push Ads Follow–Along: Erik’s Journey to Push Profits! INTRO Hey guys! Erik here from my thai 🇹🇭 home office, this time with a new push traffic follow-along! As you may noticed push traffic has been definitely the hottest thing that appeared this year! Most of the major (affiliate friendly) traffic sources have added this […]

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How not to give up on Affiliate Marketing before you actually master it?

Affiliate Marketing pulls a TON of interest from people looking for ways to make money on the internet. This is a known fact and there is no need to argue about it. The sad fact is that only a fraction of them actually make it, majority gives up at one stage or another. This is […]

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Affiliate Interview – My Trip To Russia

Привет стм Hi, Probably some of you already have seen one or another affiliate interview from Roman (ZorbasMedia). Well, now they caught me as well and I traveled to Russia for an interview about me and my affiliate life. I got asked for it the first time about a year ago but I rejected the […]

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📈The Wakeboarder’s Memo Book: Important Things I Learned Last Month – Vol 1📈

Hi guys! The last couple of months were super intense and I’m really grateful for Google, STM forum and friends from which I can learn something new every single day. A few days ago, I got the idea to open a series of monthly posts where I will cover the most important things that I […]

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How to Launch Your Own App Idea and Make Bank Off iTunes

Hey guys, first thread here. Wanted to share some wisdom on creating your own apps. I have done app development for 2 years, had a couple apps break into the top charts. Looking to contribute to the forum and spread the knowledge around. Even before you pick your app idea one thing you should definitely […]

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* A 2018 Gift * – Live FB Sweep Pin Submit Campaign

Hi there, On the verge of ending this superb 2018, I have a small gift for you guys. Especially the ones doing sweeps on Facebook might like it. Hereby the link to a live campaign I am running with 100% ROI at least; edit – duplicated the campaign and cut off the original one. Maybe […]

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Quit my job for affiliate marketing today! $100 to $XX,XXX profit monthly in 2016

Today May 4th 2016, sitting here in Toronto, Ontario Canada (Yup Canadian Here!) – and I just decided to quit my fulltime job of 8 years to grow my affiliate marketing business! Here is my story… Like many of you affiliate marketers I was trying to make 2 income streams, one from a full time […]

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1st Break-Even RevC Campaign (Newbie’s 15th Offer/Attempt!)

Hey everyone- Just wanted to do a brief post on my newest campaign just in case anything helps anyone- I figure with more niche topics like specific traffic-sources even newbie-material may be helpful in aggregating experience/data/etc. I was tempted to name the thread ‘1st Profitable Revcontent Campaign’, as it did 493$ in revenue yesterday on […]

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Programming For Non-Programmer Affiliates, pt 1: Echoing Tracking Parameters

OK. It’s time. Time to tackle one of the questions that we get most frequently, and one of the things that many affiliates fear, struggle with, or just plain avoid like hell. How to learn to program. This is the first in a series of tutorials that will teach you the basics of programming in […]

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Adnium Introduces Premium Members Area Traffic RTB Auction!

Hello everyone — I have some exciting news to share regarding a new way to monetize premium adult dating traffic. Now, for the first time ever, Adnium ( is making Real Time Bidding possible on Members Area traffic from some of the best membership sites on the planet including: Dating Gold, Adult Friend Finder, Xpickup, […]

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