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POP traffic in 2018, Far From Dead!

Did you know that the average POP campaign gets traffic from about 20,000 publishers? And according to many reputable sources, around 40%-50% of this traffic is fraud, generated by automated scripts and bots. In 2016, $7.2 billion in ad revenue was wasted on fraudulent traffic and in 2017 this figure was doubled. What does this […]

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Secrets of Super High Volume Affiliates

I thought it’d be a good idea to post some ideas on how to manage your business when you become a really high volume affiliate. I’m sure the big guys on here have their own methods of managing all their campaigns and running hundreds of thousands of clicks a day, all of which can be […]

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Confusion to pure FOCUS. $772,830 profit, and driven to a BILLION

Damn. Affiliate marketing is crazy. In 2013 I did 473k. A year and a half ago I posted this — “Shooting for 50k/month NET by July 2014.” That shit was stapled to the back of my brain basically. In 2014 I did ~950k. This year I’m on track to do close to $3,000,000. Whatever. Carrot/stick. […]

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HOW TO optimize a campaign step by step – this is one of my methods.

There has been a lot of threads and posts asking for optimization methods and what is the right way to do it. So instead of replying to the same question in multiple threads, let me explain one of my methods here and let’s keep the related discussion in this thread too. I will include answers […]

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Winning concepts in Ecommerce

@nrthrnlghts asked me some advice on what to avoid in Ecommerce – at a higher level. I think though, that your success will not come from what you avoid. It will come from doing things that work. Over and over again. And improving – day in, day out. Which is why I replied with the […]

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Native Ads, beginner journey ..

Hey everyone, This is Zidan and I love it here. I have taken 6WAMC on Oct 2017 with the incredible ZENO (thanks a lot of the ton of value). I did not even know what is affiliate market before then. That course gave me a clear idea how to start, when and where. So thanks […]

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Adnium Introduces Premium Members Area Traffic RTB Auction!

Hello everyone — I have some exciting news to share regarding a new way to monetize premium adult dating traffic. Now, for the first time ever, Adnium ( is making Real Time Bidding possible on Members Area traffic from some of the best membership sites on the planet including: Dating Gold, Adult Friend Finder, Xpickup, […]

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More Developments By Google Against Aggressive Ads

This has been in the air for a while in one way or another… “Most ad networks don’t have any kind of manual review process, making this behavior difficult to pinpoint, and the ad’s code can even be obfuscated to hide the malicious behavior. Google is now trying something different – blocking the behavior at […]

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A kind of different follow along Mobile Sweep on POP where ALL data will be shared

Hey guys & gals First, of a big thank you to all STM’s for all kind advice. So as said I haven’t yet launched the campaign and everything I’ll do is based on what you guys say so that others can go through it later and not least I can go over this over and […]

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Google’s Misleading Ad Restrictions: We’ve Got Your Back!

Hello fellow STMers! As you are probably aware, Google is becoming stricter in terms of what kind of ads are considered misleading. Many webmasters are updating their compliance rules accordingly and publishers are using TrafficStars’ proprietary flagging technology to make sure they stay compliant. This means that your ads may not be getting traffic from […]

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