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From Zero to $9,682,830.21 at 21 (High School Dropout Success Secrets)

Hey guys, This should be a fairly long post so hang in there. I’m going to share the story of how I went from a confused (but driven) 14-year-old with $100 in my pocket to over $9,682,830.21 in revenue in just the last 2.5 years. Which allowed me to drop out of high school, travel […]

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A Little Hack For The FB Newbies.

Call it just a little tease to tickle your creative parts of the brain. Let’s say you are planning to promote a sweepstake offer, uhm a one-year of free Netflix membership-voucher. Logically your first thought would be let’s target all people who liked Netflix”. Pretty on point, agreedo!? But you face 3 challenges going this […]

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What works on FB in 2020?

I’ve just had a long and lovely read of the FB ad policies, what a fantastic way to spend the last half hour. Can anyone point me in the right direction of what actually does work on FB as we begin 2020? :confused: Thanks in advance.

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Spy!

1) It will stagnate your ability to be creative and solve problems quickly youself. Starting new verticals, angles and niches will be way harder if you mostly lean on others. Put time and effort in exploring things…. it’s essential in life and affiliate marketing. 2) It brings you on the wrong track. Besides the fact […]

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Here is my experiment with popular local TikToker

Yoooooo guys! I’m happy to share after a long time with you something that I believe you might find useful. 🙂 There is quite some noise around TikTok lately and I do believe on a long term it could be a great traffic source for eCom products. Last month I literally spent a few days […]

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AWE2019 Video Recordings

Anyone knows when will the speaker’s speeches video recordings be out? Thanks!

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FREQUENT Ad Account Bans – Running Clean on Leadgens like Auto, Life Insurance

Hey guys, Anyone here is experiencing frequent account ad restrictions on Facebook lately for those who are running leadgens like auto insurance, life insurance? Im running clean ads and my ads are a bit generic (no mention of specific rates or anything like that). Im using 2 new BMs and for some ad accounts, I’ve […]

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Rookie Hits +5500 conversions: Pin Submit – Tier 2 – One FB Account – No Cloaking

Not very often I try to help and support starting mediabuyers to make decent money via sweeps on Facebook. Since budgets are most of time not that big for a starter I am taking them back to the basics. No cost on spytools, tracking software or other “unnecessary” costs, just mediabuy spend! A method I […]

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[Official] Kintura – The AI Tracker and Optimizer, now with Proxy Detection

— Kintura Latest 2020-02-21 — We continue to dominate the tracking market in forward momentum (i.e. new feature additions). We have no technical debt and our advanced Machine Learning tech has been proven to increase conversions by 20% or more. If sticking with your first generation 2012-inspired cloud or self-hosted tracker is that important to […]

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How many times have you spent most of your days monitoring and optimizing multiple campaigns by excluding under-performing publishers, pausing ads, changing bids, budgets, etc? What about the time spent on matching your traffic source and tracker statistics all together on a single spreadsheet so that you can reliably optimize your campaigns? And that’s not […]

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