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Our team generates $XX,XXX,XXX in affiliate revenue every year. We have over 27 years of extensive marketing experience. We practice what we preach.

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We have the low down on most major traffic sources you'll encounter, such as:

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We like social media, and we tend to share a bit of what's going on under the hood. Follow us and get your sneak peek into the world of STM.

Meet Our Moderation Team

STM Forum is a hub for experienced affiliate marketers - the best of the best, and many you will know. We hand pick talented, experienced and insightful people to set the standards for forum content and discussion. We have ​moderators​ and ​thought leaders​ and only high standards. Meet some of our mods below:

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Industry Testimonials

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What is in STM For Me?

We are the largest and most up-to-date affiliate marketing community in the world. Below is just a taste of what we have inside.


Our quality content is the reason you will not find more active super affiliates on any other forum. We are constantly adding new guides, updating old ones, providing case studies and foster an environment where other marketers can share their own knowledge.


We have evolved from an affiliate marketing forum, to the industry hub for anything related to internet marketing. STM brings like-minded people together. Our community includes:

  • Affiliate marketers of all experience levels
  • Traffic source and network reps
  • Affiliate network managers
  • Affiliate lawyers and tax consultants
  • Tracking experts and vendors
  • All-round experienced business professionals


We host FREE meetups across the world for STM members. These are great opportunities to network with locals and expand your reach in the affiliate marketing world.

What's Inside?

STM provides information and opportunities to amateurs and industry veterans alike.


We’re the hub where all the experienced affiliates for types of all paid traffic hang out. Learn from and connect with the top affiliates for all traffic sources. Even if you’re running $xxx,xxx/day in revenue, you’ll still learn a lot from other affiliates on STM.


We organise local meet-ups are around the globe. No matter how experienced you are, you know how valuable face time is and we make it easy. Just visit our meetups site to learn more.


We have a lot of them. From case studies on campaigns on various traffic sources, to hiring a personal assistant and scaling a business to $15 million a year. Why not learn from the successes (and mistakes) of others?.


When first starting out in affiliate marketing you need to be a jack of all trades. No one is there to set up your tracker for you, help you figure out landing page coding tricks, provide feedback on your ads and ad copy, etc. But we are! We provide a plethora of guides (including onboarding guides for people who are extremely new) and give feedback and support where requested - on virtually any topic.


As an experienced affiliate you have probably hit some growing pains. Outsourcing your work is the perfect way to scale your business even further. We have countless step-by-step guides on outsourcing, and how to manage outsourced employees effectively. Owners of some of the largest Asian outsourcing networks are members of STM.


When you start hitting huge revenues and busier days than ever before, you might not know where to turn for advice. STM has many people in this situation who share exactly what they’ve done. See others' mistakes and get advice on managing your life once things get hectic.


Going from $xx,xxx/year to $x,xxx,xxx+/year comes with many challenges. STM members have been through it all! Learn about others tax and banking set-ups. Learn about different investment strategies: stocks, trading, real estate, mobile apps, start-ups and more!


Affiliate network owners and ad network reps from all sides of the affiliate marketing industry. All these industry leaders and reps share valuable information about their companies that they don’t share publicly. Get the private insider scoop!

Ready to take the plunge?

STM Forum will be the best investment you have made in affiliate marketing. Join and be ready to absorb, learn, contribute and converse. Remember, we stand behind our forum with a money-back guarantee.

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New to Affiliate Marketing?

You’ll love our detailed guides

We are famous for our step by step guides that cover a range of different traffic sources. These guides are written by relevant traffic source experts.

Some example guides are:

STM Forum 40-Day Newbie Guide

If you've only heard of affiliate marketing and never even got close to launching a campaign, this guide will take you through all the phases - the real zero to hero in AM guide.

STM Forum What Verticals And Traffic Sources Are Working In 2018 Guide

It's a fast moving industry - we keep you updated every year with what you should focus on to maximize your chances of success!

STM Forum eCommerce Cookbook

eCommerce is a great vertical for all affiliates, old and new. If you are unfamiliar with it, our classic cookbook format is what you need. Dropshipping or not, Shopify or WooCommerce, FB Ads or not, you name it. All the steps you need to decide on your eCommerce business are there!

STM Forum Facebook Scaling Mastery

Facebook's algorithm is ever changing. Do you know what are the things that stay constant? How do you master the art and science of scaling your successful Facebook campaign? A true Facebook master shared his take on this and the discussion is some of the best on the topic!

STM Mobile Cookbook

A seven-part MEGA guide explaining platform basics, campaign beginnings, ad creation, different ad types, how to track campaigns, tips for optimising, and more. Facebook is a traffic beast and everyone knows it. Volume, international traffic, virility, deep granular targeting, everything a marketer needs. This guide gives you everything you need to get started and tame the beast!

STM Facebook Start To Finish Guide

A seven-part MEGA guide explaining platform basics, campaign beginnings, ad creation, different ad types, how to track campaigns, tips for optimising, and more. Facebook is a traffic beast and everyone knows it. Volume, international traffic, virility, deep granular targeting, everything a marketer needs. This guide gives you everything you need to get started and tame the beast!

Our Follow-Along Section

This forum section hosts 700+ threads of owners/mods and members sharing campaign details the campaign they’re running, how they’re running it, triumphs and tribulations. Then other forum members give tips and ask questions. There has never been a better way to understand how others are running affiliate campaigns!

Case Studies

Campaigns tested by forum owners, mods and members, given at 100% transparency to the forums. We show every step we do when creating the campaign, and show every the results both good and bad!

STM STM Contact List

We have a comprehensive industry contact list available to STM members. This will allow you to easily connect with affiliate network and ad network staff. Think of it as a VIP pass when applying to different affiliate networks and traffic sources.

Landing Page Treasure Trove

We have an index of all the best landing pages given away on STM over the last 3 years.

STM Indexes

When you're new to the forum it's easy to get overwhelmed by the massive amount of content. We have compiled indexes to make it easy for you to get started and find most of the important threads on a topic.

Helpful Mods

Did we mention how awesome our mod team is? The forum is almost manned 24/7. Expect answers quickly and tutorials for all those difficult issues!

Super Active Community

Have a look at some of our top threads:

Things You'll Find Inside:

Success Stories

STM Takes pride in having some of the most phenomenal success stories in online marketing.

Forum members post their own success stories, and some are wildly outstanding! I’ve personally seen a new STMer go from $0 to $500,000 in 3 months. There have been countless other mind blowing success stories.

Here's a small glimpse of what some members have achieved:

Will You Be Another Success Story?

Let me tell you a universal truth in affiliate marketing...

Everyone started from the bottom. The founders, mods, me, and probably you as well. The people who make it to the top and stay there are those who know you need an edge.

We are your edge.

Join STM to get access to:

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Meet face to face with the founders.
Visit new cities, countries and create business connections that facilitate success!

Meet-ups are happening at least once a year. We could be nearby soon!

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Get a Sneak Peek at one of our Previous Meetups - STM Bangkok

Prior to launching Affiliate World Conferences we had some pretty cool networking events.

Check out the awesome time we had in Bangkok at one our earlier events!

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