Zucc Sues Leadcloak ❌ CPA vs CPL for Gamblin’ Offers 🎲

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Zucc Sues Leadcloak ❌ CPA vs CPL for Gamblin’ Offers 🎲

Breaking News: Zucc Sues Leadcloak


Buckle up buckaroos.

Big daddy angry Zucc just slapped the living hell out of Leadcloak.

You might think he’s quenched his thirst.

But no:

On he goes chasing their customers.

More from Bloomberg:

"Facebook Inc. sued the founder of a software company for running deceptive advertisements on its social-media platforms, including links to investment scams and bogus information about the coronavirus pandemic.

Basant Gajjar’s “LeadCloak” software, designed to circumvent automated review systems in Facebook and Instagram, baits users into clicking on links that are unrelated to the ad, according to the lawsuit filed Thursday in California.”

Even more (Facebook speaking):

“In addition to today’s filing, we have taken technical enforcement measures against Leadcloak and accounts that we’ve determined have used their software, including disabling personal and ad accounts on Facebook and Instagram.This suit will also further our efforts to identify Leadcloak’s customers and take additional enforcement actions against them.”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

The dawn of black hats and seemingly-mysterious cheeseburger chomping hooded individuals gaming the system has begun.

But, honestly, as one man and his famous balls ask - is anybody even surprised?


“Most ticking time bombs tend to be rather cosy to sit on... until one day your balls are detached in different zipcodes.

In other words, the odds of your balls remaining close by are infinitely higher if you tend to sit on whitehat eCommerce offers and clean ad accounts instead. (for example)

Or a myriad of other options.

Maybe the quadruple-digit ROIs won’t make you wipe drools off yer keyboard, but does that really matter when ye can scale as much as yer greedy heart desires simply using clean offers and products?

All the while pleasing the Zucc and Uncle Google.

Food for thought.

>> Better yet, go ye here and join the discussion <<

CPA vs CPL for Gamblin’ Offers? Place Yer Bets ‘Cause You’d Be Shocked

We all know that pushing CPL offers is not only deliciously profitable but (for the most part) quite easy too.

Well, _shiver me whiskers_, but have ye thought about the downsides of pushing leads, especially so gamblin’ leads?

  • For one, you’d see your affiliate manager pinging you in a rush, telling you to pause traffic ASAP if your leads have a poor conversion rate and are not backing out for the advertiser.

  • For two, you’re either not getting paid or you’ll have to switch GEOs ASAP, or bounce off the offer. I.e. Traffic control sucks and can last up to 30 days.

  • For three, your lead quality may be affected by delayed post-click conversions. Yeah, that one’s a pain.

The Shockeroo - CPA/CPS offers can actually get tasty

  • Ye don’t have to worry about “lead quality”. A sale is a sale.

  • The advertiser can’t tell you your traffic isn’t converting, because it’s bringing in paper.

  • Lifetime cookies mean you can get benjamins coming in even after a year.

Oh, and by the way, our friends over at Leadbit Gambling are basically the go-to experts when it comes to gamblin’ offers (it’s in the name!).

The best part?

They go into great detail showing you how to push this $70 offer and get cuh-razy conversion rates. (Down to creatives, targeting and bidding)

Basically, go check this piece to get a detailed big picture and see how these offers should be pushed and thank me later

We wouldn’t be telling you about any of this if we didn’t know these guys.

Leadbit Gambling is one of the leading CPA networks with a team of professionals that has a unique strategy and their own apps for offers.

Be sure to ping these guys and tell them STM sent you - they’d be happy to provide further insights and help you out.

Enjoy fantastically converting offers here.

Leadbit GAMBLING is all about:

  • Their own apps

  • Being able to work with high bids

  • Individual payment terms

  • Exclusive offers and MULTI GEO

  • Bonuses for CPA tools

  • Advanced analytics

  • Leadbit Store with valuable prizes

Leadbit Gambling is waiting for you!

Contact Leadbit Here:

Telegram @leadbit_manager

Skype live:account17.leadbit

Thank you!

COVID-19 vs Push Traffic - Round 1

First off, thanks to everyone on the frontlines, our true heroes.

Second, there’s not one thing the virus hasn’t affected on a global scale.

Push traffic ain’t no exception.

Lemme quote @pushground’s intro:

“In the last few months, our world has been dismantled but the COVID-19 outbreak with most of the world being put on lockdown to stop its spread. We, in Barcelona, have been in lockdown for a month now while for others It is just starting, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel with China starting to return to normal life as lockdowns get lifted.

As marketers, we are all wondering what effect this will have on the market and what effect it will have on our campaigns. To help answer your questions we have provided some traffic insights on how COVID-19 and this global lockdown have affected Push.

P.S. Quite curious that a vertical such as that one might go down but here we are. You’ll be surprised when you see it too.

>> Go get the Ups, Downs and Expectations right here <<

Speaking of Breaking News: Entire $1 Guide Now Live on STM

Yes, you read that right.

The massively successful $1 guide has now been posted on STM.

It even has its own dedicated forum.

Thanks, Amy!

For the under-rock-dwellers - the $1 guide is by far the easiest way to dip your toes in affiliate marketing...with no more than a ten-dollar bill and an ass-kicking attitude.

Its massive success and constant demand made us put this bad boy live on the forums.

Now there are no more excuses to make - it’s all there on the plate. You’re being spoonfed yer veggies.

(I’m talking to the shy lurkers scouring the forums, afraid to even start).

Now. is. the. time. to. start.

>> Go read the $1 guide and start yer first-ever campaign - right now! <<

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