🤖 [YUGE] Your Own Tame Messenger Bot

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🤖 [YUGE] Your Own Tame Messenger Bot
🤖 [YUGE] Your Own Tame Messenger Bot

With 2.7 billion++ users you need Messenger target-locked on your radar.

And, at zero risk of your own bot getting up, slapping your face, walking away, and starting a robot-rebellion – thanks to this m-a-s-s-i-v-e guide ye can now create your own tame messenger bot.

One that shall bring passive income and work tirelessly 24/7.

@mylead posted this enormous step by step, drool yer eyeballs out, make-your-own-bot guide.

It covers everything you’ll ever want to know:

  • What a chatbot is and why get a digital creature like this to do your bidding 24/7

  • How it works tirelessly and exactly how to make your own (one example shows a dating bot, others show a McDonalds quiz, Amazon quiz, and a BP Free fuel quiz)

  • How to make your bot popular (and get tons of passive leads and conversions)

  • Plus how much it’s all gonna cost out of pocket

But ye have been warned - the guide didn’t even fit in 1 post due to character limits, it’s like, 6-7 posts long.

>> Go ye here and make your own bot <<

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“I am unable to concentrate”

@boomblebee, this poor soul, is unable to concentrate:

“Youtube feed, Facebook feed, Tiktok feed, come every 5 minutes. How to get them out and back to work effectively?

I know this is the matter of survival. Thank you!”

Use fancy apps like this to lock yerself out of Zuckerbook, quit Cold Turkey and regain your time:

Watching insightful Yotube vids…to breakaway from Youtube.

“Oh found some interested Youtube channels related to this, so, next 5 mins watching them”

Disabling notifications altogether.

Or better yet, deleting all dem apps and grabbing a beer, this thread has it all my friend.

Or, ye know, heed the wise advice of veteran STMers.

>> Go here and concentrate, Samir <<

Using Nonexistent People on Yer Ads & Landers

Ain’t it better to use an image of a **nonexistent bloke or blokess instead of one ye grabbed off of Gettyimages 5 years ago?

Maybe these people won’t be too keen to hang around on yer poorly built life-insurance lander and even worse ad.

Maybe there’s a better way.

>> And maybe how about ye click here now <<

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