🔥[YUGE] @Vortex’s Epic FB Tutorial Update 😷How to Corona-Date by VIPOffers

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🔥[YUGE] @Vortex’s Epic FB Tutorial Update 😷How to Corona-Date by VIPOffers

🔥[YUGE] @Vortex’s Epic FB Tutorial Update - Part 1 & 2 - Audience Targeting Now Live

When @vortex (Amy) writes a tutorial you know it’s gonna be:

A) Absolutely massive


B) Painstakingly detailed

The Facebook Newbie tutorial just got updated with 2 new modules - Audience Targeting Part 1 (here) and Part 2 (here)

(split in two because...Amy. They truly are _ginormous_)

So huge, in fact, that if it weren’t for STM and Amy, yours truly’s inner-scumbag would repackage these, slap a nice cover on ‘em and sell them to you for at least a few hundred dollarydoos _each_.

But ye know what? Amy literally loses sleep over these tutorials.

Yours truly knows because we often talk.

Now, let me give you a quick taste of this sizzling tutorial.

Part Uno:

  • How to structure yer FB camps so that they don’t ever fool ye (with examples for dummies)

  • Basic targeting options (with screenshots and clear red arrows)

  • Answers to questions you have not seen or heard before (not even on Facebook’s docs)

  • Facebook knows more about you than you do - the story of 1 dude pranking his roommate

  • how $1.71 causes severe paranoia.

  • More, lots more

Part Dos:

  • It’s too good and I’ll leave ye to it

  • Basically dives into great detail all-things targeting

  • Plus angle and targeting ideas ye wouldn’t be able to muster up even if yer on STM-shrooms (strong shrooms these are, but more on that in the future). For example, how to choose and pick a travelling or veteran parent’s biggest pain points (their kids) and make them beg for your life insurance. Ouchy, ouchy.

  • On a silver platter, a Dropbox list of demographics and behavious you can tuck in to yer Downloads folder right away.

>> Grab a drink, go thank Amy and get to reading the audience targeting tutorial <<

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Well, well, well - Lazy Neo’s Breathing Down Amy’s Neck - Massive Push Tutorial Now Live

Ever since Lazy Neo joined the mod crew there has been a significant energy surge felt across the entire Matrix (STM).

Remember what I said above about Amy losing sleep? Lazy Neo’s the same.

Excruciatingly detailed push tutorial - Push Traffic 101 - Traffic Sources

The likes of which ye won’t ever see anywhere else outside of STM.

I guarantee you that.

The best part?

No, let’s save this tutorial for desert. I’m not giving away any of it.

A treat, if you may.


>> After devouring Amy’s tutorial up there just do yerself a favour and go read Lazy Neo’s push tutorial, yer welcome <<

Use & Abuse Dirty Lander Cleaning Services

“Waaah Fiverr not good” - one STMer looking for lander cleaning services emerged just recently.

Think about this - what’s the real price yer going to pay if you get some guy on Fiverr to do your lander cleaning?

Someone who barely has a clue what you need.

Let alone messing up your tracking along the way.


Instead, one interesting tool just showed up on ye olde radar.

A tool designed just for this.

And it does it all automagically too:

  • Replaces links

  • Exit pops, back-button redirects

  • Timed redirectors

  • It even hosts yer landers free of charge it seems Interesting, to say the least.

The best part?

It seems you are allowed to completely use and abuse it right now because it’s in beta.

>> Yer welcome, yet again, go checktz this outz <<

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