You Don't Need an Army to Make 7 Figures on Native (Only a Hulk)

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You Don't Need an Army to Make 7 Figures on Native (Only a Hulk)
You Don't Need an Army to Make 7 Figures on Native (Only a Hulk)

Imagine a calm, cheeky big green creature with a beaming smile on his face.

Except you’re now Ralfs, a 20-something young gun with a beaming smile and a punch so hard it breaks an entire team of highly trained native media buyers.

This guy does it all Han Solo style.

No Chewie either.

It’s who we all aspire to be.

To quote “thedudeabides” (Kelly Sheffield) from the thread:

“Ralfs is essentially what all solo affiliates aspire to be, crushing it on a whole other level. That's the power of native ads for you.”

Ralfs has a 20-minute presentation posted on STM by Mr Chaz showing you how a solo affiliate can bring in 7 figures.

No need for teams of hungry media buyers.

No need for companies.



HRs, or anything of the sort.

Just you and a laptop.

Here’s what Ralfs is teaching us:

1) Choosing broad appeal offers (targeted towards male and female)

2) Why it’s all about that CTR (low spend, balanced between clickbait/targeted)

3) Why Relationships with Ad Networks are key

4) The Secrets to High CTR Ads (with examples)

Speaking of High CTR Ads, he mentions this free tool to analyze your headlines, in case you’re curious:

This site feels like the 90s all over again, but it doesn’t matter.

It’s the algos on the inside that matter.

There are so many lessons in the thread.

No time to write them all out, just go checkz it outz.

Han Solo / Hulk = 7 figures

All Successful Super Villains (Affiliates) Share This 1 Skill

The Dark Lord Sauron has managed to convince entire kingdoms to join his cause.

Darth Vader became the most powerful Sith Lord in the universe.

The Joker rather effortlessly caused chaos and fear.

Bobby Axelrod managed to sneak his way out of any situation and then win. (if you consider him a villain)

Super affiliates bring in millions of dollars consistently.

All thanks to this one skill.

The decision is unanimous with a whole bunch of super affiliates confirming it.

Along with other skills you need to succeed.

All successful affiliates share them.

This thread is pure gold.

See what makes people successful here

Another Newbie Gets to See Affiliate Green at the End of His Tracker

This guy started just a while ago.

The 40 Day Tutorial opened in one tab.

Binom in another.

Affiliate network in a third.

PropellerAds in a fourth.

Coupled with persistent updates to his follow along and nurturing feedback from our resident experts he’s now profiting.

Newbie here

Software Engineer Newbie Makes Moolah With Just 10 Free Hours a Week and a Full-Time Job

The 40 Day Tutorial strikes again.

But this time for all of you whiny, crying and scared newbies out there - this one made it work with a full-time job and super limited time.

There have even been stories of people working 2 jobs, looking after 3 kids, getting a college degree, pulling their hair and still making AM work.

Stop making excuses.

This guy is persistent, organised and determined.

And it paid off yet again.

Follow along here.

Do You Know Why The Zucc Banhammered Your Account?

Oh he loves his banhammer.

In fact, he’s hiding behind your couch waiting to strike as we speak - just turn around.

One weight loss word and WHACK! You’re gone.

But he’ll never even tell you whether it was this specific word or another one.

...or the image

...or your targeting

...or your URL

...or any other millionth reason.

One STM member posted a solution, a shield against the banhammer so you can do better next time.

Anti-banhammer tool here

A Stealth Bomber Checklist To Stay Under Zuckerberg’s Sniffing Radar

Our resident FB expert and mod stickupkid posted this checklist.

The key is to stay under The Zucc’s radar at all times and not get sniffed out manually.

He says they’ve got accounts lasting over 2 years running stuff that would make The Zucc drool over his banhammer more than he would over a juicy burger or even a super profitable Q1 or even leaking data.

If the tool above isn’t enough you better check this list:

  • Tech setup

  • Payment setup

  • Lander setup

  • Advertising setup

With their corresponding juicy details in the thread.

Activate stealth mode here

21 Year Old Sith Lord Uses The Dark Side of The Force to Bring in 4 figures a Day

Kid has been through some hardships.

Born in Korea but moved to the US.

Single mom had to raise him.

Thought about stealing and selling drugs.

He joined a marketing company when he hit 17 and has been climbing to the top ever since.

He’s been working for himself for the past year making a few grand a day.

And he just now joined STM to hold himself accountable, get help and grow.

His follow along already has some big $XXXX/day numbers achieved through the Dark Side of the Affiliate Game on FB running diet stuff for women.

A bright future seems likely for this kid.

Check Anakin’s follow along here

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