[WTF] What’s Working Report 2020 Edition Vol. 1 Now LIVE!

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[WTF] What’s Working Report 2020 Edition Vol. 1 Now LIVE!

[WTF] What’s Working Report 2020 Edition Volume 1 Now LIVE and Up for Grabs! (yes it’s free, and yes, it’s massive)

Hear ye, hear ye!

STM’s free annual report - What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing 2020 Edition - is now live!

But first, here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Panic!


Step 3: Drag your greedy affiliate fingers over to the download link below ASAP.

Instant cure for panic attacks, download link:

Step 4: Activate man-cave (or girl-cave) mode and shut all the blinders, turn off all the lights, cover yourself with a blanket and glue your eyes to the report.

Step 5: Do not come out until you’ve read the report cover to cover.

Step 6: Impatiently wait for Volume 2. (yes, this year’s report is so big we’re splitting it into 2 parts)

Basically, here’s what we’re up to this time around.

Having interviewed the biggest names in the affiliate marketing industry yet again, here’s a sweet, delicious bite of what to expect:

Every year, we’d compile all the feedback into a massive PDF report, which has been growing in size year-on-year.

We’d distribute the report free-of-charge to everyone.

Each year the report would be anticipated with excitement – the one last year received 10k+ downloads.

So, we’ve interviewed the likes of:

- Depesh Mandalia

- Dimitri Nikolakakis

- Maor “The Wolf” Benaim

- AdCash

- PropellerAds

- AdCombo

- Affiliaxe

- Leadbit


- MagicAdz

And so.many.others! To bring you a complete perspective of what’s working in affiliate marketing right now and what’s going to work throughout the entire 2020.

  • 2020’s most popular traffic sources

  • 2020’s most popular offer verticals and niches

  • Insider-insights from the biggest names in the industry

  • 115 pages of priceless golden nuggets

Plus, mind you, this is just Volume 1.

Volume 2 is_ being prepared as we speak_.

>> Go here, download the What’s Working report <<

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It’s everybody’s game...

NetoPartners runs affiliate marketing services for the top iGaming brands, each with its own special feel, who focus on producing innovative scratch card games – making our job easy!

Whether you are a casino ace or a total novice – you’ve probably tried your hand at a scratch card or two before, right? They’re fun, instant and you don’t need any gambling skills to understand them.

So why not make money off introducing people to something everyone loves?

They already appeal to a wide audience… but then put them online where there’s no mess (on your fingers) or hassle, and the potential becomes massive!!

Wait, what?? Affiliates are making money off of online scratch cards? Damn straight, they convert like crazy!!

Affiliates who would usually shy away from the gambling audience have realized these fun games have a diverse traffic appeal – aka sky-high conversions!!

The product sells itself!

With over 10 years of balancing the understanding of affiliates’ needs and believing in the games their brands offer, NetoPartners is basically the perfect matchmaker. They tailor-make the journey for each affiliate so they can convert with confidence in the product!

  • Your commission plan is created for you & your traffic needs – CPL/CPA/REVSHARE - they’ll optimize your plan to fit.

  • In-house game designers are constantly releasing new games so players stick around to see what’s next.

  • You get beautiful, creative materials created for your deal type for max results.

  • Their team of affiliate managers works around the clock to help each affiliate create the best flow for his/her traffic.

So basically great brands, killer marketing materials… and they tie it all up for you in a pretty sweet $$-making bow. Waiting for a personal invitation? Go on then >>

>> Scratch for cash! <<

$XX/day @ 137.90% ROI Newbie’s Short-lived But Violent Success

“Oh what a day, what a lovely day!”

Another day, another profitable newbie at STMz.

Let me quickly summarize the entire juicy piece in 1 quoted sentence:

Just tested lots of offers and got a winner.

No shortcuts nor any fancy wizardries - just good ‘ole fashioned hard work.


Short-lived, but a taste is a taste - it gets you hooked.

Turns out Mr @heikoo got their hands on a hefty _$0.40 payout offer for PH_. (the norm being like, $0.08~).

You can see why this worked so well.

Unfortunately, the offer got paused at some point causing his ROIs to crash and burn.

The best part?

The follow-along is still very much alive and kicking ass.

I’ll drink to this volatile campaign and so should you.

“You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome” to the gates of Valhalla.

>> Go “hit that thanks button, like and subscribe” and witness this newbie’s not-mediocre campaign <<

STM’s Top #1 Most Influential Person In The Affiliate Marketing Industry for the Last 10 Years.

Who do ye think has been the most influential person on STM?

(Seriously, hit reply and answer, we wanna know!)

Some say no one will ever be able to match our beloved @caurmen (Hugh Hancock) - may he rest in peace.

The impact (or should we say ginormous crater) this man alone made on the entire affiliate marketing industry and the lasting memories he has left in our hearts is making me weep right now.

Hugh had the biggest heart in the world, and he’s still on the very top of the leaderboard, look:

We miss you dearly, Hugh.

Others say it’s our ever-present @vortex and @matuloo - the unstoppable duo.

Others swear by Mr. Lazy Neo a.k.a. @twinaxe - ever since he joined the mod team he’s been crushing it.

Then there’s @Erik with his “lustful relationships” with certain traffic sources. (hehe)

And then there are these 3 absolute legends and founders of STM - @Mr Green, @stackman and @bbrock32 - that keep on making massive ways year-over-year with no plan of slowing down.


You be the judge.**

>> Go ye here and nominate your favourite STMers of all time <<

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