[WTF 🥺] Exclusive Click2SMS Offers for STMers

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[WTF 🥺] Exclusive Click2SMS Offers for STMers
Exclusive Click2SMS Offers for STMers

Basically, no cake will ever get any sweeter my friend.

Pay attention, for this is hawt stuff.

Lazy Neo a.k.a. @twinaxe has arranged exclusive Click2SMS offers for STM members.

Lemme repeat that: Exclusive Click2SMS offers for STM Members.

Not jumping in there before ye blink means 2 things.

  1. Ye don’t like free money.

  2. Yer not an STM member.

See what @jaybot has to say ‘bout these offers:

“Just tried them out.

Only tried them in a few geos so far...

But I can say they convert somewhere between hotcakes and cocaine.

Almost already paid for this months STM subscription 😀“

Lazy Neo’s Affiliate-Matrix negotiation skills (and his mega-popular Haka campaign guide) have netted us all a sweet-baby of a deal – nobody else in the world has access to these offers but STM.

To quote the thread:

But why Click2SMS offers?

These offers are very good, especially for beginners because

  • They accept traffic from basically all geos worldwide

  • They convert direct linked and with landing pages

  • They work with carrier traffic but often also with WiFi traffic

  • Low payouts allow to test without having a huge budget

  • Work good in low tier geos = lower competition, lower bids, good volume“

Yer welcome.

>> Now go sink yer teeth into these hot, juicy offers <<


Last year we broke all records making money with dating products, and we couldn’t have done it without your support! This year we want to do the same thing! Break records and make money for all of us!

Want to join us? We showcase some of our best tips for dating media buying:

TIP: Keep your creatives fresh --> No matter what form of advertisement you buy: display banners, native or push, you really need pictures that draw attention to the product. Your banners should be in relation with the brand you advertise, especially for niche brands. Additional trick - photos of people looking directly at the camera produce better CTR!

TIP: Never stop testing --> Tests and analysis of their results are the base of driving your campaigns. You should be always open for split testing: it will help you to choose the best banners, ad copy, and landing pages and scale your campaigns. Try out different combinations and analyze what works better for which niche. Tailor your ads accordingly and scale.

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[Case Study] How to Optimize WH Lead Gen to Profitability

@convertingteam shares a big case study.

Now ye can learn exactly how to get WH lead gen auto loan (and many other) offers profitable on Zuckerbook.

Uno. See the one “sneaky trick” to enable ‘Special Ads’ categories so ye can run these offers freely

Dos. Get pics and ad copy that works plus what not to ever do when pillaging off of Google images or some poor bloke’s profile (don’t do that)

Tres. How to optimize and then scale.

>> Go ye here and bite this case study now <<

Pro-Tip From the Sweeps Guy Himself

When @stickupkid speaks of sweeps, ye listen...intently.

If ye wanna know how to:

  • Avoid saturated stuff entirely

  • Not do what every other affiliate is doing

  • Keep yer audience (and the Zucc) happy

In order to run yer sweeps happily...

>> Then click right here, ye’ll be surprised <<

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