Wild Boars Now Wearing Skirts and High Heels (for an untapped traffic source)

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Wild Boars Now Wearing Skirts and High Heels (for an untapped traffic source)
Wild Boars Now Wearing Skirts and High Heels (for an untapped traffic source)

Clicky-baity? Not at all.

Highly relevant? Yes.

Surely you must have heard of Mr. Wakeboarder, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a. The Wild Boar Liquidator.

Seems he’s present in each and every email our pigeons send out.

And it’s for a reason because Tim keeps making waves - first the wild boar liquidator’s jaw-dropping success then his invaluable lessons, and mistakes, and now this?

To quote a reply in the thread: “Is there anything that you're NOT doing? Lol”

This time around the wild boars have attacked an untapped, innocent traffic source and they are taking it apart.

It’s Pinterest.

But you see, Pinterest isn’t all THAT innocent with their 350M MAU and an upcoming IPO in the ranges of a $12 BILLION valuation.

It’s just not popular with the hawks and vultures (us, STMers, affiliates and performance marketers)...yet.

There’s no info anywhere on how to run profitably on Pinterest, let alone training for their ad platform.

It’s like the shy, quiet kid sitting unnoticed in the backmost row.

And yet, some stores are absolutely killing it on Pinterest.

And you can find out how with Tim’s brand new venture called - it’s where you get to see how all those stores are secretly crushing it and being all hush about it.

This was a pretty clever move from Tim - the tool fills a gap in the industry right around when The Zuckening is tightening things even more, Uncle Google’s slapping wrists and the adult industry is so tightly packed you can’t even see the videos. Not to mention the sharp decline of pops.

It’s a welcome, refreshing tool for us all.

Oh and by the way, Tim’s lowered to price tag to $69/month lifetime just for STMers. We think the regular price is a bit steep at $179. Though that promo, it says in the thread, is only valid until the end of March.

Ah yes, Tim also released a “Pinterest eCommerce Advertising Trends in Q1 2019” though the password to unlock it is in the post - out of respect to Tim we cannot release it to the public. Interesting stuff in there.

Check out the tool’s thread here

How To Get Rid of Native Weeds

Questions asked:

1. My strategy after doing some intel here and around the web is this: gather a WL from adplexity spying and run that FIRST to prove the funnel.

IF funnel is converting start a BL campaign and start weeding out shitty placements and whitelist good ones. Is this a solid strategy to start with on REVCONTENT?

2. If i'm targeting let's say FRANCE, GERMANY, DENMARK etc but choose English as language will it show my ads on sites in that country or US based sites that a German may visit?

3. As a newbie to Native (spent 500 bucks on MGID with 200 back in rev. MGID have too much shitty traffic) BUT not new to media buying, would you rather start outside of US, UK and CA with your first campaigns and go for TIER 2 countries?

4. Is it a big NO NO to include multiple GEOs in the same campaign? EX: SWE, GER, FRA.

5. Is there a way to track once a visitor has started to checkout IE Initate Checkout as in Facebook (either on the tracker FunnelFlux or on RevContent) ?

Questions answered by STM’s top native players such as Kelly Sheffield (thedudeabides on STM, native traffic pro and moderator) and others.

The quick summary is that you need to be careful.

Long summary here

Ever Wondered How a Certain Site Makes Money?

An STM member found this weird looking site in Adplexity Native and on first sight it seems it isn’t monetizing anything at all.

It could be someone cloaking and hiding their money page.

It could be a forgotten or broken lander.

But no, it goes deeper than that.

And then it goes even deeper when STMers jump over to listicles (notoriously difficult to make them work) and profiting from them.

And then other secret stuff we can’t really let out of STM’s safety.

Oh it is glorious how a simple thread can turn into a gem.

How To Save Your Pennies From Evil Banks

No bank will ever recommend you get an account in say, EUR, so you can save up on currency conversions.

No sir.

They want all your money and they want them now.

They want you paying traffic sources through a EUR account or CC, and then getting payments in Zimbabwean dollars, converting them to Franklins and then back to Angela Merkels.

This is especially bad when you start scaling your campaigns just as “gritaction” did and so he looked for advice.

And he got some great advice.

Those “pennies” the banks get through currency conversions aren’t in truth pennies at all - they’re gold bars, and you’re giving them away.

Save your pennies/gold bars here

REVEALED ON STM: Sneaky Exit Pop Script For Mobile To Boost Your ROI

It’s this guy’s first post too - how generous.

What this script does is it “uses a scroll direction and speed. When a user uses speed scrolling for seeing a browser controls for closing a tab, script triggers and shows a pop.”

There’s no heavy jQuery too - just pure, sneaky Javascript.

Tested and increases ROIs.

Grab the code here

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