🐗Wild Boars Invade Snapchat for Q4 🤑One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns

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🐗Wild Boars Invade Snapchat for Q4 🤑One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns

🐗Wild Boars Invade Snapchat for Q4

Praised be the corona gods! 

The wild boars return with a shiny new follow along.

Invasion target?

A relentless assault on innocent Snapchat.

Mr. @wakeboarder, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a. Lord of the Boars declares full-on war on Shapchat pre Q4.

Why Snapchat?

  1. The wild boars have been preparing for war since January - a Snapchat pixel has been collecting sweet data ever since.
    Plus eerily similar demographics (see for yerself)

  2. France is the #2 huge-est Snapchat TS - 20mil.

  3. The wild boars have hired a deadly media buyer to handle The Zucc. Facebook be stable. Therefore the Wild Boar King sets his sights on conquering Snapchat before the Q4 madness arrives (they expect 600+ orders/day by that time)

As per usual, The Wild Boar King’s follow along is top of the class.

Crystal clear goals and religious updates.

Ye heard about the invasion goals.

What’s the initial plan, then?

P.S. If ye don’t sub to the follow along Yours Truly shall be waiting under yer bed tonight.

>> Yer gonna have to go check inside yerself <<

[SPONSORED] One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns

Ever wonder why so many affiliates never reach consistent profits?

To hit on a winning campaign, you need to test 4 things:

Offers, Ads, Landing Pages, and Traffic Sources.

Test enough combinations and you’ll find winners.

Sounds simple - until you look at the math.

Example: 4 Offers x 10 Ads x 5 Landing Pages = 200 combinations to test

(And this is assuming the traffic is decent.)

The scary thing? Even if you test all 200 combinations, you may not find a winner.

Pro affiliates take a different approach: They do research to narrow things down first.

And many of them rely on one particular data intelligence tool.

Top affiliates use this tool to cherry-pick the most-recent campaigns, that have been receiving lots of traffic over at least a few days…

Which means they have a good chance of being winners.

Then the pros would test, tweak and optimize based on these campaigns.

This way, there are WAY fewer combinations to test, and the success rate is MUCH higher.

The tool is Adplexity, and here’s why it’s the best:

  • Shows you entire campaigns: Ads, offers (& affiliate networks), landing pages, traffic sources, placements, etc.

  • Tons of great reviews from users (google to find).

  • The biggest and most-accurate database of campaigns, bar none.

  • Intuitive user interface, easy to use.

  • Covers: Native, Push, Pop, Display, Adult, and In-App traffic.

  • Covers many traffic networks: AdCash, Taboola, PropellerAds, Exoclick + dozens more.

The Good News: Adplexity is offering a 30% LIFETIME discount to our subscribers.

Adplexity 30%-Off Lifetime Discount

Think: How difficult it would be to compete with affiliates that ARE using Adplexity, when you’re not.

You can’t afford NOT to get this tool.

You can also give AdPlexity a shot by getting the exclusive LP Pack, which consists of 100 cleaned and ready-to-use pre-landers - here's the link:

Hurry up and test these pre-landers while they're still the best converters!

>> Show Me Winning Campaigns Today <<

Papa Zeno’s Exclusive STM Deal - Flux Pro @ 50% OFF

Boy do we have some newz.

Just take a look at what Yours Truly managed to negotiate.

Papa Zeno look at his signature! just slammed grand news.

Shiny FunnelFlux Pro has been released.

You get it at 50% OFF for the next 6 months.


Because yer an STMer, that’s why.

The best part?

It ain’t the discount, nay.

  1. Papa Zeno has been doing this shit since the dark ages. STMer since before Facebook was even a shimmer in Zucc’s eyes. (also, Zeno’s a scientist FYI)

  2. You get 1-on-1 calls with Zeno himself. (How long this will last I don’t know, ye better jump in)

No one knows Flux better than its daddy.

No one.

The juicy details? Inside, as per usual.

>> Basically, jump in right now. <<

Pretty Pet Insurance?

This is the prettiest affiliate landing page you’ll ever see.


Well crafted, well designed. Great copy.

Doesn’t seem like a ripped 3-question pop lander barely holding together.

But most of all – it’s trustworthy. (Something most affiliates are allergic to.)

The entire thing’s made to collect leads, and boy does it work. It’s a 7-step quiz funnel for the pet niche.

Case in point:

This pretty lander’s generating leads for $1.43 per lead.


Pet insurance.

Pet insurance in the US.

Keywords: $1.43 + insurance anything. In the US.

The problem?

130 leads later and 0 sales. Hence, the cry for help.

Turns out these 0 sales may have been due to a silly missclick...

>>

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