Wild Boar Liquidator Uses Hunting Skills to Tame the Instagram Beast

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Wild Boar Liquidator Uses Hunting Skills to Tame the Instagram Beast
Wild Boar Liquidator Uses Hunting Skills to Tame the Instagram Beast

You’ve heard of “wakeboarder” already. In case you haven’t (WTF), go see his profile here:

And where he started his wild boar adventures:

He started a wildly successful family-owned eCom business and it all grew exponentially after his first follow-along on STM. Now scaling aggressively to every single GEO he can get his hands on.

And every once in a while now he posts his “Memo book” of important things he’s learned in the last month.

Well this month’s issue is freaking mind-blowing.

Wakeboarder has reached the next level.

Just during this last month he’s built an uber-engaged Instagram profile with 5,969 followers for just 20 minutes a day of his time. All related to those wild boars of his (or rather, the hunting niche)

The engagement rate alone is over 25%.

The tips, apps, tricks and technologies in this thread is something we simply cannot reveal. You have to seem them for yourself.

There’s also stuff on doing organic lead-gen with an affiliate-based, but heavily modified, lander.

There’s the “IG tool of the month”, “IG Tip of the month”, other sneaky eCom tricks, using advertorials to promote your eCom products, retargeting and pixel tricks, call centers and the list just keeps going on and on.

What a monster of a thread.

Grab a shotgun and go hunt some STM golden nuggets

How Would an Aussie Affiliate Meet Other Aussie Affiliates in Melbourne?

‘Tis a lonely world out the real world.

Much easier to “meet” affliates on STM in our cozy virtual home.

It’s convenient too - you can do it in your underpants and at any point in time.

Not so much when it comes to meeting people in real life.

Or affiliates. Aussie affiliates. In Melbourne.

That’s what Mr. Grofit is after and he asked for help.

One of our Aussie mods (and most positive people on the planet), Maynzie jumped in alongside STM founders, Affiliate World Conference and networking masters, big affiliates based in affiliate-ridden hubs around the world and they gave out some fantastic tips.

Put on your trousers/skirt and get out there

Where Do You Get Push Traffic for the Dating Vertical?

Another snippet of information you can only find on STM.

You shouldn’t just blindly throw in hundreds of potentially lost dollars across dozens of push notification networks and expect to get things to work right off the bat.

Instead, just post a thread and ask what all the experienced people are doing.

Simple as that.

See which push networks are the best for dating offers

Mysterious High Quality Push Subscribers and Where to Find Them

Same idea as the previous thread.

How do you build your own list of high quality push subs?

One thing’s for sure - don’t use pop traffic.

As for the rest? See for yourself.

Go here

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