Why Offshore Business Setup

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Why Offshore Business Setup
Why Offshore Business Setup!

Are taxes eating into your profits? Enjoy the benefits of TAX FREE profits by operating via an offshore entity! STM Member Digitas, ACCA and ACA qualified financial expert (which, quoting cmdeal, is "like having 2 Ph.D.s"), lists pros and cons of incorporating your business in two famous offshore jurisdictions, UAE and Hong Kong.

Greg Morrison Here to Help With SEO

The legendary Greg Morrison from the OneManGang has joined our forums! He seems to always be able to figure out how to beat the next algo change Google throw at us, and has taught countless students to do exactly that over the past few years. Be prepared to see some major knowledge bombs from Greg, including a mini-tutorial he has in the works!

How To Target Better and Make More Money on Facebook with the Help of Big G!

If you run traffic on Facebook, you must know how well lookalike audiences can convert when you generate them based on a list of customers. But what if you don't yet have such a list of customers for your target niche? Sure you can just buy one, but quality may not be guaranteed. In this thread, iAmAttila shares a little-known, ingenius method for generating a super-targeted LAL audience - which can give you a boost if you're entering a new niche.

Chartered Accountant with Masters and 5 Years in Performance Marketing

Member Digitas has generously started an AMA to answer any questions you may have on financial management of your affiliate marketing business! "I have worked in performance industry for 5 years and have setup/managed structures in UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, India and Philippines. I have in depth expertise around accounting, financial management, financial reporting, multi jurisdictional audits, VAT, GST, corporation tax, payroll taxes, company incorporation, tax efficient structure, banking and other corporate matters across multiple jurisdictions. Whether you are looking for information on complex matters including taxes/audits or something as simple as raising or recording a sales invoice, happy to share my experiences with you."

Revcontent Boost Types

Running on Revcontent and wondering which boost type to go with? Native veterans discuss pros and cons of each, as well as recommend best practices.

Deceptive Attack - Wait Don't Drop Your Current Domain Yet!

Having domains banned by google is a problem shared by many. In this thread, several members chime in to offer solutions to that problem.

Best Telegram Groups

A question from Moderator tijn has sparked the idea for Moderator erikgyepes to start a telegram group for affiliates! Find the join link in the thread and join now!

Why Offers Got Paused Out?

Member rajivwalia has received quite a few notifications from the affiliate network that the lead quality was not good enough to continue traffic. Veteran members were unanimous in what they suggest.

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