Where’s The Money Lebowski?

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Where’s The Money Lebowski?
Where’s The Money Lebowski?

Yeah, well..The Dude Abides.

Do you remember our resident native expert and mod “thedudeabides(Kelly Sheffield) and his native follow along?

He got offered a bunch of benjamins by VoluumDSP to run some tasty camps with the following goals in the dude’s mind:

The near-term goal is to hit 1k/day profit which I think is very doable & quickly

  • Short-term I’d like to reach those same numbers with multi-geo ecom products

  • Long-term I’d like move towards the bigger native sources (Taboola & Outbrain) with those products to reach 5 figures/day”

Now, one would call this a teaser (which, of course, it is), but the numberos are just impressive.

Mr. Lebowski likes to tease his impatient STM audience and he’s damn good at it.

He’s been running on Voluum DSP since late 2017.

He just posted his stats for 2018.

And lessons.

Valuable lessons, like optimization tips and other stuff, man.

Here’s the good stuff:

On Campaign Setup
Easily one the best features of the platform is just how fast you can launch campaigns across multiple devices and networks.”

On Campaign Approvals

On Account Reps

On Transparency

^ Each one with detailed paragraphs.

Next up are the actual stats (the posts are so big he had to split them in multiple parts, his original write up was about 10 pages long, the dude writes).

A greedy pair of affiliate eyes can easily spot this number on one of the screenshots: $231,480.61

Then obviously another round of optimization tips for the 2018 part.

And that’s just a teaser for what’s to come.

The 2019, recent, freshly baked campaigns and dude numbers.

Wait here for the numbers, man

Yo! Mr. White, New AW Labs

Forget Jesse and Mr. White’s old RV.

It was barely chugging along anyways.

No way to to turn into a Heisenberg with that pile of rattling parts in the middle of a desert.

You turn into an affiliate Heisenberg by joining AW Labs.

Mr. Chaz just announced this, yo.

Affiliate World Labs are specialized, focused and smaller events such as:

1) 2-3 hours of back-to-back speeches and panels by some of the highest performers and thought leaders in the industry
2) Dedicated hour-long Mixers for your niche's marketers and companies
3) Networking at our world-renowned exhibition floor
4) Meet the speakers who practice what they preach

We’re talking Push, Native, eCommerce and Agency labs.

This is all a brand new AW format.

One that allows you to get close to people and network...closely. Over a drink or two, or more.

“Organized back to back” as our MRKTRS brothers put it in their newsletter.

Listen, you get to shake hands with the speakers, other top affiliates and then go and drink a lot of beers in the beer garden.

Get these guys a lot of beers and bring a notebook (STM protip).

Ezra Firestone, Dee Deng, Cat Howell, Simon Mader, Oliver Kenyon, Zack Franklin, Andrew Payne, Erik Gyepes, Ian Fernando, Daniel Kampf...insert more big names here.

A lot of other big names on board. Big affiliates, big companies, big numbers.

As long as you have your AWE ticket in your back pocket you can join the Labs and go tell Mr. White you’re about to strike gold.

Also, check for yourself:

The Labs on STM as usual

The Lazy STM Neo Strikes Again

You remember him from our last pidgeon mail don’t you?

The lazy STM Neo who ran tens of thousands of offers all at once.

This time he’s back with another brilliant idea constructed from the depths of his lazy mind.

Quoting: “It´s no long story and nothing spectacular.

But it shows that you can have good success when you get little bit creative with what you do.”

Really it’s dead simple.

It’s even in the title: “Classifieds + Online Surveys = 90% CR

He got 90% conversion rates on this.

Made him $XXX/day in profits.

But here’s the best part:

As stupid as it sounds but I just stopped with it because I got bored from doing it.

We all hope he gets even lazier and bored beyond his mind more often.

The lazy details, as usual, are inside.

Up for grabs?

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