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How to Mend The 250% to 25% ROI Drop Pains

Check this out:

“Hello. I hope you are all doing well. I have been running a campaign ever since 16 November 2022. It had a ROI of 250% and was giving me profits of $150-$200 daily. Now the ROI has dropped drastically to about 25% and I am now earning about $75-$90 daily profits. Is there anything I can do to make my ROI go back to 250% or even better?”

What do ye do when your 3-month long camp’s ROI drops from 250% to 25%?

$200 to $75.

I’ll give you a quick tip.

For one, you don’t ever touch your working campaign.


You do that, and you kiss your sweet ROI goodbye.

For two?

Find inside the most common culprit causing your ROIs to tank.

What to do about it (and how often)

Plus, what to do to (and let me quote a reply) “STAY winning”.

Yer welcome.

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More Pains – Loan: -30% ROI, Solar: -22% ROI

On that same ROI ache note, here’s some more:

“I have been running solar and personal loans on TikTok but the results were not quite stable and good so I moved to FB and there at the initial days it was profitable but now it sucks. The CTRs are upto 8% for loans and 4% for solar but still no result.

Loan: -30% ROI

Solar: -22% ROI

Cant understand what to do next. Even with such high CTR I'm not at least breaking even. The offers are revshare, my EPC is 0.72 for loans and 2.03 for solar. I dont know whether the offer isnt good or it's my fault. The CR for loans is 64% and 38% for solar.”

What is it?

The offer?

The landers?


Maybe it’s the network scrubbing.

Inside you’ll see @brentcollins’ best-performing creatives and angles.

And a breakdown of what to do…

And what not to do.

**Oh, and if you think an affiliate offer’s out of your control…think again.

See you inside.

👉👉👉 I Blame Zuckerberg But You Can See For Yourself

Thx TikTok

TikTok’s released juicy new tools:

  • More data (CPA, CTR, CVR, View through rates etc)
  • Intel on keywords in video, audio, or ads
  • Intel on products sold/promoted
  • By country / market / segment
  • Historic data on CVR/CPA for a video over time

There’s one way to filter that spits out pain points, wink wink.

See inside.

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