What would you say to your affiliate manager if you didn't have to be polite?

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What would you say to your affiliate manager if you didn't have to be polite?
DISCUSSION: What would you tell your affiliate managers but you can't?

"We deal with affiliiate managers all day. Some are great. Many more, however. are not, so good. What would you tell these affiliate managers, if you did not have to be too polite and professional to tell these to them directly? "

FINALLY ... online tool to send MASSIVE files to anyone for FREE!

"Very sweet ... fully encrypted and dead simple upload!"

Goodbye Cloaking?

"Facebook says it is intensifying its efforts to control scams and fake news by taking a harder line on "cloaking," a tactic that bad actors use across the web to avoid detection."

Bot detection

A new and more advanced bot detection technique, and discussion around it - theory for now, but maybe not forever...

Investing or interested in the Crypto & Blockchain space?

"It seems like cryptocurrency is where a lot of big affiliates are investing their campaign profits. I certainly am! We have got some high level discussion started over at this FB group if you're interested."

Google Analytics: how to use it with arbitrage and native campaigns

Answers from experts on the always-tricky GA setup question.

Facebook Troubleshooting -- Campaign so close to scaling big!

"I have often seen wild swings like this when using the FB pixel. I wanted to "rely" on the pixel to help with targeting, but I haven't found a consistent formula just yet."

MASSIVE differences in mobile and fixed Internet speed rankings by country

"If you are targeting mobile users or fixed line users, this is really good to know how much their Internet connection speeds differ from one another by country"

Follow-Along: What's the point of Voluum?

Confused by Voluum or other trackers? The STM mods and others help out.

Can't Get A Single Offer To Convert Once

"It can be frustrating running initial tests, especially in new verticals. Believe me, I know -- I'm working on dipping my toes into two new traffic types & verticals now, and it can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least."

Target Facebook ads at specific families or family members

"Pretty powerful stuff ... time to talk with our account manager to see if we can start using this!"

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