WH Health Insurance Lead Gen? Good luck my fiend.

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WH Health Insurance on FB

Affiliate World Dubai’s happening right now.

How many will read ze newsletter?

Not many.

So we’ll keep it short and suh-weet.


“Hello guys, I have been trying out health insurance offers via facebook ads, my angle is somewhat white hat in the sense that the campaign is very clear that its a health insurance ad, my cost per website lead is around $4.00 and the offer I am pushing has a payout of $4.50. I have spent close to $70 in two days, I have recorded just 4 clicks and 1 lead.

Is there anyone who is running campaigns in this particular niche and what advice can you give me to approach health insurance offers?”

4 clicks and 1 lead out of $70?

Somethin’s off, see inside.

Anywhoms–US lead gen is hyper competitive right now.

If ye wanna know what to do and where to run WH health insurance…

👉👉👉 Go Ye Here

[SPONSORED] 😱Revealed: The New Tracker All Super Affiliates Use

Hey {name},

I wanted to share with you a super exciting tool everyone is talking about.

For those that have short attention spans, here's the summary :

  • Its a tracker and its called ClickFlare

  • It was created by industry veterans, the same amazing team that built TheOptimizer

  • Its going to be free till June 1st

  • You can create your free account by using the link below:

Create Your Free Account Here

Most trackers have been built many years ago. They not really up to date with what affiliates need these days. ClickFlare is brand new and has modernized the whole concept of a tracker.

What makes it different?

  • Extremely clean, beautiful and simple user interface

  • Native integrations with all major traffic sources. This means the ability to pull exact cost data in your tracker

  • Native integration with all the search feeds. We all know search arbitrage has been the hottest thing for the past year in aff marketing ;);)

  • Conversion API integrations with all major traffic sources. Means you will be able to post conversions back to FB , TikTok , Google etc

  • It has its own "Google Tag Manager" integrated. So you put a script once in your landers and you dont need to touch it anymore.

There are many many more exciting features it has but I want to keep this email short.

Again, use the link below to get your free account till this lasts :

Create Your Free Account Here


Lazy Neo Casts Wicked ChatGPT Spells

He, The Chosen One himself has managed to unlock ChatGPT’s darkest secrets.

For one, he’s making the poor robot write code for free.

Here’s one such spell:

Beats me what this poor digital beast’s been spitting out, but it seems useful.

Perhaps ye can start firing your devs.

“ChatGPT and Copilot combined is really fun to play with it

I already have an idea how I can post about my experiences, I already try to setup something that works together with the idea from THIS POST

Maybe I can get some of you excited for that stuff as well, it´s really interesting and offers so many new possibilities ”

👉👉👉 Remain tuned for more Neo ChatGPT Magic Here

Tuck This Follow-Along In Yer Bookmarks -- $50k/month

Here’s an interesting FA to keep an eyeball on:

“Hello everyone, I'm reading a lot in this forum and it's time for me to act. This follow-along will be helpful for people who want to start working with Facebook ads in leadgen niche and also it will be useful for me to keep myself more organized with goals and tasks

My background:

I don't have any successful experience with AM, in the past, I tried to launch gambling campaigns through Facebook and also tried adult dating through banner/push sources. I worked for 7 years as a software engineer developing iOS apps.

My Goal:

50k$/month in profit running Facebook ads for whitehat offers in Tier1. (1666$/day)

In leadgen niche average ROI is 20-30%, that's means I have to spend at least 6-7k per day on ads, which I don't think should be so hard working with whitehat offers. Thanks @rcheungltd for writing his success story, where he mentioned that it was possible to achieve 20k+/day revenue in 3 months.”

👉👉👉 Hit The Sub & Thanks Buttons Right Her

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