[WEBINAR] - Outbrain Offers Unfair Advantage to STMers - Shy Vortex Invited to Speak 😍 STM’s Newsletter Bros - Over 12k Marketers Trust This

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[WEBINAR] - Outbrain Offers Unfair Advantage to STMers - Shy Vortex Invited to Speak 😍 STM’s Newsletter Bros - Over 12k Marketers Trust This

[WEBINAR] - Outbrain Offers Unfair Advantage to STMers - Shy Vortex Invited to Speak

Name me a better way to spend a quarantine day than to watch and learn from marketing wavemakers?

Hear ye, hear ye!

Outbrain hosts epic native webinar featuring our very own @Vortex plus other superstarz of the same calibre.


Big brandz have folded their tales and stopped throwing their money at the wind, as they usually do, because they’re scared.

‘Tis a scary beast this virus.

Here’s the table flip:

Us affiliate dogs like making dollarydoos on top of our spent dollarydoos, unlike brands.

And we’re extremely good at this. (your average half-drunk, lazy STM affiliate can run circles ‘round most “agencies”)

It’s growth turned survival for brands.

It’s COVID meets opportunity for affiliates.

But Outbrain, in stark contrast, noticed that in spite of the changing economy, affilienados were still running profitable ships.

“But what’s it mean??”

A few things:

1) Traffic prices are down.

2) Outbrain’s merging with Taboola - which means even more traffic for us greedy but resilient affiliate creatures, on the cheapo too. That is if the merger goes through.

3) Outbrain’s reps are prepared to provide help to an influx of affiliates!

The Plus) Amy typically declines 95% of requests for interviews or public speaking, but this time yours-truly suggests ye tune in and listen closely.

Because Amy’s doing this for all of ye native noobaroos.

While everyone scours in fear tucking ad budgets back in their pants, affiliate grins get ever wider.

Some are even showing their native teeth, ready to pounce.

>> Interesting times ahead, go ye here and sink yer teeth in the Outbrain webinar ASAP <<

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STM Lifts Veil of Ad Mystery for Math Teacher - Is this STM’s Future Heisenberg??

You’re goddam right.

This math teacher started their journey with the $1 guide.

And is breezing through every expected hurdle.

Yours truly can already tell this is a piece of cake for someone well versed in numbers.

Unlike laying on the kitchen counter at 4:40am trying to decipher simple affiliate stats - while sipping a warm beer in yer underwear (specific, yes, but I decline to comment further) - this guy will never, ever face similar setbacks.

“It's truly like a veil has been lifted and I now understand what's going on with what happens online”

Yer welcome.

“Re: the 40-day guide. I must say it's something of a masterpiece. I'm bingeing it the same way my ex used to binge godawful reality tv shows.“

Yer welcome.

As one STMer put it: Is being a "math teacher" the STM/IM counterpart of being "Walter White"?

P.S. Completely off-topic, but yours truly has a cure for COVID-19-induced stress and anxiety, here’s what you should do:

Step 1) Save this precious video

Step 2) Watch this video religiously every night before going to bed

This video was sponsored by the World Health Organisation

P.S.S. The comments, specifically thank you to “Mozart 420”:

Now you can take a sip of hand sanitizer and sleep soundly.

>> Go follow STM’s Heisenberg in the making, clickie clickie <<

Did Ye Meet Mr. Green’s New Best Friend? iStack Labs.

Affiliate needs are so specific that most don’t ever bother hiring or outsourcing their work anywhere.

How do ye even get backup for design work, tech support, copywriting, finance and media buying from someone completely oblivious to direct response?

I smell headaches.

Until Mr. Green waltzed in and introduced his best buddy:

A fully-fledged agency for affiliates.

Let me repeat: a fully-fledged agency for affiliates.

You see, what makes this even better is it’s coming from the industry’s greatest heavyweights and founders of STM, iStack, AW and so many other successful businesses.

Media buying, landers, emailz, custom funnels, CRO -- frankly, the list is way too big.

What this means is you never have to babysit anyone, ever.

These guys have done it all on a massive scale.

They’re gonna keep doing it now, for you.

>> Go talk to iStack Labs ASAP before they close the gates as they’re being flooded by clients <<

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