Vortex Reveals Secret Method to Easy-to-Rank Keywords

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Vortex Reveals Secret Method to Easy-to-Rank Keywords

Vortex Reveals Secret Method to Easy-to-Rank Keywords

Vortex has just revealed, in step-by-step fashion, a secret method she’s been using to snipe keywords that are easy to rank for!

She also shared a screenshot of the members’ area inside of - one of the best SEO training courses on the market - which she’s going through to brush-up her SEO skills.

Bonus share: Keyword research videos by OMG’s lead trainer Greg Morrison - which are so good they should be a paid course in themselves.

3 valuable shares in one post = don’t miss it whatever you do!

7 Figure Affiliate Marketer, 8 Figure Facebook Advertiser and 9 (NINE) Figure eCommerce Celebrity Joins the STM Family

Well, Depesh Mandalia just joined the STM family.

This guy is nuts and if you haven’t heard of him you’re probably living under a rock.

He went from being broke in 2009 after losing his corporate job to falling into depression, while trying to raise his kid. And put food on the table.

To 7 figures in affiliate money after 2 years, to hundreds of millions generated in the eCom space and many, many millions thrown at Mr. Zuckerberg.

By his words: “Why did I share all this?

Because I love what Loz and the team have created, I'm honoured to be part of the AWC/iStack fam and know how I needed inspiration and guidance as a noob. “

He tells his story in his introduction thread here, you should read it:

See what it takes to reach Depesh’s numbers.

LIVE: The Ultimate Facebook Newbie Tutorial - Part 9

You grind some profitable campaigns but then what?

You set the adset budgets to 5 times higher and the next day your campaign’s dead in the water.

You try to reverse it but the conversion rate now sucks.

You make a house of cards, you sneeze and all the effort’s gone.

That’s what happens with FB campaigns.

On that note, Stickupkid (one of STM’s mods and FB experts) is back with a boom.

Part-9 of the Ultimate Facebook Newbie Tutorial is here, live, up and running.

He shows 3 simple ways to scale your campaigns which he’s actively using all the time.

He shows you the exact type of audiences to use.

He shows you whether it’s a good idea (and also how) to run camps in tiny GEOs like Cyprus and Costa Rica, despite the lovely ROIs.

Just go check it now, the entire newbie tutorial is priceless.

Learn how to scale your FB camps right here.

Unconventional Strategy Delivers $23,987.64 A Day

Unconventional strategies and hacks bring in millions for this guy.

It’s a gold mine.

This strategy is no different.

It’s similar to email marketing, except the open rates are over 90%. Yep, that’s ninety percent.

He uses Manychat to cast his evil spells on unsuspecting customers.

Manychat is a Facebook Messenger platform - you can make bots, automate replies and a bunch of other cool stuff.

But you can also do some sneaky hacks and rake in a minimum of 5 figures per day with this bad boy.

All the juicy details are inside, as usual.

Want to be a maverick working in the shadows and getting your bank account fat? Read this.

Plz Send Halp How Do I Optimize Campaigns on Revcontent

A simple question about referrals in this guy’s tracking report turns into a monster of a thread with invaluable advice on how to run native campaigns.

There are tools, courses, secret stuff, spy tools and so much more.

There’s knowledge you can’t get anywhere else except if you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on native.

So many STM experts jumped in on this one it’s surprising to see it turn into such a huge thread.

Plz send help.

Simple Productivity Hacks Get You an Extra 730 hours (1 month free)

One of STM’s veterans, Vortex (Amy) shares some amazing but simple productivity hacks to free up your time.

We all stare at our phones. We can’t resist checking a notification.

“Unwinding” for 20 minutes takes 2-3 hours (and more).

And it just keeps on getting worse with time.

What you should be spending time on is revealed in the thread.

Amy also shows you HOW to do it - lots of tools, tricks and links in there.

Get productive.

STM Sucks! I’ve made a mistake by joining!

Believe it or not there are people like this guy.

He hasn’t taken any action, doesn’t know what to do and expects everything on a silver platter right away.

Says people don’t reply to his messages immediately. Like, who are they? How dare people take time off their day to share their knowledge on STM but not do it immediately to me?

Hey, let us just hand you our most profitable campaigns just like that.

This is the perfect time for a lesson given by wakeboarder (The Wild Boar Liqudator) and others.

Step 1: Write an intro and tell us who you are, why you’re here and what your experience is.

Step 2: Start a follow along thread and get on-demand help from industry leaders and experts. It’s like having a bajillion mentors at the same time.

Step 3: Form connections with people. Join masterminds. Hustle.

Step 4: Hold yourself accountable.

And the list of steps just keeps going.

It’s not easy, it never was and it never will be. Don’t expect people to babysit you and hand you everything.

Put in the work, ask the right questions and develop your marketing skills and knowledge (which you can do by simply reading the forums). “From total stranger to mid/pro level performance oriented marketer” to quote one of the replies.

If you’re one of THOSE people, go here:

Lesson here

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