Case Study: Lazy STM Neo Gets Triggered – Makes $4.5k Profit in 3 Days

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Case Study: Lazy STM Neo Gets Triggered – Makes $4.5k Profit in 3 Days

Lazy STM Neo Gets Triggered – Makes $4.5k Profit in 3 Days

You should know who lazy STM Neo is by now, no?

A.k.a. @twinaxe

A.k.a. Joined the STM mod crew (yes you read right, also he’s killing it)

How much do ye think it takes to trigger a lazy Neo?

Very little, lemme tell you.

So little all it takes is 2 words, literally - “$50 EPC”.

Picture this: A gorgeous Thai girl gently feeding our very own lazy Neo the finest selection of grapes when a seemingly innocent notification pops up on his phone.

Somewhere between the lines he locks onto the following:

“$50 EPC”

“Too good to be true?” - He thinks.

He feels an irresistible urge burning inside.

He’s triggered beyond all reason.

Neo swiftly hops out of his hammock leaving the gorgeous Thai girl bewildered and in shock - she has never seen him make such sudden movements beforehand.


Quick push crypto campaign that netted $4.5k in 3 short days.

Turns out it’s not too good to be true.

And the rest is history.

Or as they say, an STM case study.

Juicy screenshot-ridden details inside as is customary. (ad copy, banners, landers etc. the full shebang)

>> Go ye here for the full case study <<

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The Return of the Don - $4000+ Days & Scaling Hard

This guy just came back after several years all of a sudden.

New shiny nickname and all.

“Hey guys, I am the OP and I am back. After several f#$%*g years lol.

I had to leave STM because of several reasons, not sure if i should write them all here.

Thanks for the help Matuloo, it really helped back in the days.

I did not give up Adult and I am now doing constant $4000+ days and $500+ average daily profits. My max profit per day is $3000 and revenue was $6000+. It was a rough ride, but worth it. I also do BH, SaaS and a bunch of other things

Maybe I will do a follow along in the future on my road to $10,000 daily revenue. Perhaps starting of next year or after I am back from AWA. Peace!”

Main takeaway?

He did not give up.


Took the plunge.

Launched dem camps, saw dem stats, optimized, and did it all over again, and again, and again.

I’m feeling generous today so here’s another snippet:

“Making so much profit is all about learning how to scale quickly I think once you have something working. Of course banner blindness kicked in pretty quickly and competitors started bidding higher as I took so much of their impressions, and the performance dropped day by day. Since I scaled so aggressively two of my biggest geos had to be paused shortly by Aff network (Italy, Spain I think). So I saw profit dropping down from $3000 -> $2500 -> $2000 -> .... $1000 or so which lasted for one more week.“

This thread is dripping in gold.

P.S.: You’ll also see how many campaigns our lazy Neo has in his tracker; it’s way more than you think. No, it’s not hundreds.

>> Post-AWA success stories are the best - grab em here <<

STMers Brutally Slap Crying Newbie

This one newbie’s stuck in neck-deep mud right now.

Campaigns are failing.

Money’s being lost.

No job, no extra income, nothing else to do.

Wrong decisions being made.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt start to set in.

It seems there’s no way out.

“Quick what do I do?”

Then out of the blue you hear this:


And then another one.

And another one.

STMers jumping in and slapping the living hell out of a crying, frustrated and confused newbie.

Lemme just paste this in so you can get a feel for this thread:

Now quit your bitching, and get the f#$% back to work, and report back when you have every click accounted for and you have discerned a pattern in the data.”

>> Treat yourself to some newbie tears & fine STM wisdom here <<

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