The Ultimate Facebook Newbie Tutorial 2018

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The Ultimate Facebook Newbie Tutorial 2018
The Ultimate Facebook Newbie Tutorial 2018 - Introduction

STM's in-house Facebook expert, Moderator stickupkid has started posting a much-anticipated tutorial for newbies wanting to learn how to launch campaigns on Facebook. First lesson has been posted, with the rest to come out in the near future.

Facebook + Shopify + General Store

"Another quick update here, I'm now consistently doing mid $xxx/day now with occasionally hit $xxxx on the good days."

$250/day camp - working on 2x-ing it

Member adserk has implemented some of the great advice received to this thread, and profits have gone up to $350/day and will likely continue increasing! Keep an eye on this thread to see how big this member can scale!

What's the best way to expand with eCommerce outside of Dropshipping?

As the dropshipping ecommerce model works less and less well, more store owners are asking this exact question. Ecommerce pekadis has come by to drop some major knowledge bombs in this thread - a must-read!

Steal This Method to Outsource the Clean Up of Your Landing Pages to a VA

Very useful share by member silvertongue: "I've refined the job description to a point where I no longer have to get involved in the process. I simply chose my landers, hire a programmer on Upwork, and have the optimized landing pages delivered to my email 1-2 days later."

Affjobs Gig! Voluum expert needed.

Affjobs Gigs! is here, and if you haven't heard it's a super efficient way to hire experienced affiliates for one-off tasks, at a minuscule price! Like this Gig, seeking a Voluum Expert.

Wanted: Native Media Buyer [Remote]

Shinez is a distribution platform for viral stories. If you're super talented on Native, they need to hear from you.

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