💥TikTok Sparks 📌GEO tips and $50 bonus for In-Page Push ads

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💥TikTok Sparks 📌GEO tips and $50 bonus for In-Page Push ads

💥TikTok Sparks

Well would ye look at that.

TikTok’s suing the US government.

Legendary Matuloo says the drama continues…

Will TikTok become the next Zucc? This thread has picked up speed the past few dayz.

Shiny fangs exposed...affiliate wolves stalk their new prey.

But some – like @wakeboarder are taking swift, decisive action.

So why don’t ye throw your tracker tab out the window for a sec and pop open an STM one?

>> Go discuss fiery TikTok drama on STM here <<

[SPONSORED] GEO tips and $50 bonus for In-Page Push ads

Hey there!

Still haven’t tested In-Page Push traffic?

Here’s a $50 Bonus and the “In-Page Push Treasure Map” from our affiliate experts. Use wisely, but quickly!

3 quick reasons to work with In-Page Push:

  • finally enables you to “send” push to iOS and macOS users,

  • may cost less than classic Push for some verticals,

  • affiliates overlook it, so the auction is not so crazy as in classic Push.

We’ve checked the stats just a couple of days before you got this email, so the insights are burning hot...ouch!

1. Biggest volumes & lowest bids for testing

The best combination of volume and price is now in Brazil (Windows, Android) and Saudi Arabia (Windows, Android). Also, if you put some effort into translating your creatives, you might be surprised with CTR and ROI.

2. Hidden gems for quality conversions

Traffic from Japan (JP) and France (FR) is on steroids now! We’ve just added multiple big websites popular in the regions and most of the big advertisers are still on vacation. Hurry up before the auction is too hot.

3. Scaling success to tier-3

Already got conversions with In-Page, but want more? What to scale: Utility, Expansions, Gambling, Finance, and Dating. Where to scale: India, Mexico, Philippines, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt.

Pro Tip: Anime Games offers are converting like mad these days.

Enjoy In-Page Push with your $50 BONUS!

  • Register

  • Use the code "IPPUSH09"

  • Deposit $300 and get an extra $50

*Bonus is valid for both old and new PropellerAds clients, until September 4. Hurry up, as the number of promo-codes is limited!


How to Tuck Yer Profits Under the Offshore Mattress Affiliate–Style

Don Pablo would’ve been impressed by affiliates’ crafty tax-dodging abilities had he seen this thread.

Basically, if ye’d like to learn:

  • Why many affiliates have incorporated in Hong Kong (and exactly where to get started)

  • How to incorporate in Delaware without ever setting foot there (99% online)

  • How to open up as many LLCs as you like in Wyoming in 1-2 business days, 100% online

  • 1% tax rate in Greece has a nice ring to it, no?

  • The juicy iStack service many top affiliates use to incorporate for ZERO taxes.

  • Plus many virtual bank solution never requiring you to ever set foot outside yer mom’s basement

>> By all means, jump rite in <<

How to Trick Voluum so it Doesn’t Trick You

An STMer asks:

“Let's say my Lander has one offer with four links to said offer. In other words, Banner1, Banner2, Banner3, and Banner4 all go to Offer1.

Is it possible to add more information to the click so that I can tell which banner was responsible for sending that traffic to Offer1?”

Tl;dr how do you find out which banner converted on offer 1.

One way is to setup 4 campaigns for the 4 banners, but ye don’t wanna do that when there are far more elegant ways.

(Something-something 0 meta-refresh and something-something multi-step landers)

P.S. Speaking of tracking hacks, ye’d wanna check this one out too.

P.P.S. Also, speaking of tracking yer own offers, definitely check this one out.

>> Check here for advanced Voluum tracking hacks <<

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