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Futureproof TikTok Ad Blueprint

How ‘about a TikTok ace of spades up yer affiliate sleeve?

@matuloo posted this bad boy, summarised, on the forums:

Get Ahead of the Game on TikTok: Advertising Blueprint for the Future

‘Tis a summary of the presentation held by Savannah Sanchez (Google ‘Social Savanah’) at the very first EcomWorld online conference.

And it’s dope. Here’s why:

  • She explains why your targeting strategies must be broad from the get-go
  • Creative best practices that pull on yer customers’ emotional strings, plus waaaayy more rapid no-nonsense tips
  • Key takeaways, working with creators, storytelling, trendy effects, %_insert_key_tip_here%

>> Go Download These Slides Here <<

[Sponsored] * New * Auto-Optimization Tool + $100 Bonus

Campaign optimization doesn’t need to be time-consuming or difficult!

PropellerAds has JUST released a new tool - it will cut down on your workload (for CPC Push and Interstitial campaigns).

It’s called Rule-Based Optimization!

How does Rule-Based Optimization work?

The feature is available on the Create Campaign page. You can create an auto-rule for your campaign using a number of parameters: Spend, conversions, CPA, ROI, CR, time period, etc.

Here is what it looks like:

Just specify the parameters, and the system will adjust your campaign performance accordingly! Easy peasy!

When to use Rule-Based Optimization:

  • Your CR is pretty high. Increase the bid to get more traffic, while using CPA as a second parameter to make sure your target CPA is still being met.

  • Some zones aren’t converting. Exclude them quickly with rules.

  • Your CPA is way too high compared to the CPS. Decrease zone bids gradually until the CPA becomes acceptable.

Try Rule-Based Optimization and Get a Bonus!

Launch your campaign with PropellerAds today, both to create profitable campaigns, AND get a $100 Bonus:


Use the code "100_STM"

Deposit at least $500 and get an extra $100

Only 20 promo codes are available! So act fast!

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How About Dem Creatives?

Oh, ye thought we were done?


Here be some more epic slides, ‘cuz STMers be shy again, and this here gold needs love.

Mirella Crespi, Founder and CEO at PixelHaus Media and Creative Milkshake, unveils the curtains on what makes ad creatives that sell.

Keyword: sell.

Ye want to tuck this one in yet bookmarks, too.

Lemme give ye a little taste:

The fastest-growing advertisers test 11x the creatives than their counterparts.

These are the bits ye can control, and ye want them to sell.

Mirella calls these wizardies the ‘Creative Strategy Triangle’:

Mirella presented the framework that they rely on in order to source content, produce creatives and test them to find scalable ads.

  • Strategy - How to think about Ads
  • Creative Production - How to make Ads
  • Optimization - How to test and iterate

And yes, @matuloo goes into painstaking detail inside.

Go get it.

>> Go Download THESE Slides Here, Too <<

A TikTok Kickstarter From The OG HimSelf

Should ye have these 2 very same questions:

  1. "How should I start, may be some tutorials or Threads I should read before starting.

  2. What kind of offers I should run on TikTok and what are the networks I should approach for the offers.”

Then ye should listen to the TikTok legend, Big ScottyG himself, when he speakeths:

There’s a specific TikTok guide by a specific STMer that’s a must-must read before ye get started.

There’s a specific guy on YouTube whose videos ScottyG watched when he was starting out.

There’s a reason why ye want to start with low payout videos and why ye must never steal videos/creatives.

But the juiciest bits?

Revealed inside ye’ll find a list of ScottyG’s highest-earning networks.

Oh, and the sweetest, most juicy bit?

He’s arranged a contact at the #1 invite-only network.

Yer welcome.

>> Dive In Her ASAP If You Do TikTok <<

This Week’s Freshly Minted STMers – Go Say Hi

@vortex, on behalf of the entire STM team, welcomes these freshly minted STMers aboard our wild affiliate ship:

@keer101 @trafficoctopus
@gauravahlawat142 @digimetric
@biamopartners @trader2022
@reaqdy @bighadj
@fr0zen @buingocvan110011

When ye get aboard ye can do 2 things:

  1. Introduce yourselves
  2. If you’re an affiliate nooblet, start here

>> Go Give ‘Em A Warm Welcome <<

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