This Week On STM: "Top 50,000 Facebook pages (Jan 2016)" and more...

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This Week On STM: "Top 50,000 Facebook pages (Jan 2016)" and more...

Tutorial: Unlock Hidden $$ In Your Campaigns With Colour

"Did you know there's a hidden weapon in the fight for higher CVRs lurking in every ad and landing page you make? It can make your users trust you, prompt specific beliefs or emotions on a subconscious level, make them notice your ads or believe they're not ads at all."

Tip: Top 50,000 Facebook Pages (Jan 2016)

"This may come in useful for some of you guys when targeting on Facebook, or just for curiosity. "

Facebook Ad Buying Success Spreadsheet, with real world data from A4D media team

"Built this spreadsheet for my Affiliate Managers to help their affiliates have a better chance of success on Facebook campaigns. The goal of the spreadsheet is to tell you what ad CTR you'd need, by placement, in order to make a campaign successful. All you have to plug in is the guesstimated conversion rate and then CPA. "

How much to spend on a testing campaign to be considered "enough"?

"It really depends on how much you're spending on testing each angle and traffic segment. $30 may sound like a lot when testing a $0.30 offer, but how many different things were you testing?"

Follow Along Goodbye 9-5! Leaving The Work World Through Mobile Pin Submit

"I'll let the numbers speak for themselves. From January 20 to January 25 "

British english vs american english

"For example, between spain and latin countries there are many words that are different in the adult vertical. I would like to know if this also happen in english."

Adwill Update - New Scale Campaigns Product

"Introducing: Scale Campaigns! This product allows you to test many offers quickly and effeciently. Using our machine learning algorithm we test creatives, placements, device, ISP, etc for your offers and drive conversions."

How do I choose a good offer?

"It is harder to gauge how good an offer is by just testing that single offer, because offer performance can be influenced by so many other things, such as landing pages and placements."

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