This Week on STM: "After 18 Years in the Industry, I EXPOSE Affiliate Marketing's Dirty Secrets" ... And More!

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This Week on STM: "After 18 Years in the Industry, I EXPOSE Affiliate Marketing's Dirty Secrets" ... And More!

This week we've got a real treat, and a real conversation-starter: Matuloo, an 18-year veteran of the AM industry, lets it all out in a massive, thought-provoking rant about the state of the industry and what needs to change.

Beyond that, we've got amazing design advice from Shishev, success stories, tips on high-payout offers, and more.

Let's get going...

After 18 Years in the Industry, I EXPOSE Affiliate Marketing's Dirty Secrets.

They say you become adult at the age of 18, that’s when you should know enough about the world and be able to take care of yourself on your own, more or less Some of you know I started in the affiliate business in 1998, which means its a bit over 18 years by now, so that makes me an adult in terms of affiliate marketing. I've seen industries rise and die, I've seen good things and I have seen bad things happen too. I'm still here tho, always managed to adapt and keep going. And even tho I really love the affiliate business and the freedom it can give me, there are some things I am not so happy about or flat out hate.

Since I just turned "18", let me use this opportunity and put together a list/code of things I DO and DON'T like about the affiliate business, split up in 3 basic categories

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1 yr later: Part-time affiliate hits 1k/day

June 11,15 (2 months from initial start) was my first day doing $10/day Revenue. LOL not a great start to my AM career.

For those of who wondering why I didn’t just join my brother on his campaigns...well I have no idea what he was doing and how he was doing it. I had nothing to add, so I just went on STM and did my own thing.

After that, there were a lot of ups and downs. In the last year or so, I have tested over +200 offers, 20+ traffic sources, 10 or so affiliates networks. And spent around 30-40K and probably brought back the same in Rev. So ya, I’ve tested alot, but always struggled to scale.

But I am happy to say, last month I re-covered all my losses.

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Tutorial: These Common Design Mistakes May Cost You an Arm and a Leg!

"Hey wait here mister, my lander is currently working really well, why would I even care about design?” Yes design is subjective, and yes you should always test everything but there are unwritten rules you can adhere to and common mistakes you can avoid. ??So I’ll just keep writing articles until I change your cemented opinion and get you to see the bigger picture.

You can always improve your campaigns further by avoiding common design mistakes and being educated when it comes to your creatives. It’s not all about the numbers y’know!

I’m going to lay out a short list of seemingly harmless mistakes, ones that affiliates keep making, and me and my past clients have made numerous times which have cost us all an arm and a leg, just so you can avoid leaving money on the table in the future!??

Here goes… in no particular order...

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STM Local Networking Event - TORONTO - May 6!

Come to Toronto's largest affiliate meetup on May 6th!

I used to go to Advaliant's affiliate meetups in 2008/2009 and haven't been to anything as good since. STM is going to change that.

Come meet us in The Drake Hotel's Sky Yard, first round of drinks is on us! Prepare for an amazing roof top/networking soirée with some of the best from STM! Please feel free to share the news.

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Follow Along 8+ Stupid Mistakes That You Can Easily Avoid - An Italian Tale

Hello amazing people,

If you are interested, i've introduced myself in this thread >> Finally here I am: Filippo, 18 years old, AM from Italy - That's My Young Story

The goal of this thread, beyond my personal success, is to give something value back to this awesome forum rather than just money, really.

1# Before starting in affiliate marketing i studied a lot. But then i realized that i will never reach 100% knowledge so i started with my first campagin. If i would have done that earlier i would have been some steps ahead right now in this industry.

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Deep Analysis of Rebill Campaign Promoted on Facebook.

There are some good, rich insights here on angles and funnel design.

As with most case studies, however, you should not try to just copy this case study step by step.

Instead you should rather work to find nuggets of exportable insight that you can apply to your campaigns.

In this particular case, you definitely should not try to copy and paste this to run on FB unless you want a quick account ban, potential C&D's from multiple sources, potential legal/regulatory action against you, and one pissed off Rhonda Rousey wanting to kick your ass!

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FB headache worth the $?

Facebook sells $5 billion worth of ads every quarter. If these were not backing out, then people would stop buying ads on FB.

That is not happening anytime soon.

I personally know at least 5 people on STM who run really large volumes ($x,xxx,xxx per month)...

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The $10,000 Business Card

There are plenty of fine examples out there, but if you're really looking to impress people with a business card, a card with a minimalistic look and a fancy font isn't going to cut it because people are not easily impressed by a business card. Instead go for something clever and related to your business. If you have a hairdresser salon, turn your biz card into a comb for example. That sort of interactive stuff, imho, is what a creative business card should be like.

You should come up with a clever idea first, and then move on to find a designer who can turn your idea to life - there are tons of super creative and capable people on Behance and Dribbble.

Image spam incoming...

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Is AM harder than stocks?

In stocks, you have NO chance to influence the markets, you either hit the direction its going or you dont.

In AM, you got more control over the action, but it also requires a lot of work.

If you're lucky, stocks might be your poison today, and it might kill you the next one...

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How much harder is it to get profitable on high payout offers?

Its not really harder, its just more expensive and you need bigger balls to run these.

With low paying offers, you see conversions coming in after you've spent a few bucks. Lets say you've been running a $1 payout offer, now multiply it all by 10, do you have the balls to wait 10 times longer in terms of ad-spend?

Im running high paying PIN submits, some close to $20 per conversion but its not funny sometimes...

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