STEP BY STEP: Running A Bot Test on any Campaign And More from This Week on STM

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STEP BY STEP: Running A Bot Test on any Campaign And More from This Week on STM

Bots! Damn them.

This week we've got a step by step solution for finding the worst bot offenders in your placements.

Plus we've got a tutorial on Facebook, landers for solar, and more...

STEP BY STEP: Running A Bot Test On Any Campaign

'Almost all display traffic is plagued with bots, computer programs designed to click on your ads, pretend to be human, and get publishers more money by fraudulently inflating traffic figures.

For us, they're a nightmare: we end up spending cash on worthless traffic. And some placements are 100% bot traffic - meaning you can optimise your campaign all you like, it'll never convert.

But there are ways to spot them before you spend significant money. Here's a guide to a simple bot detection technique, which allows you to detect bots by their click-through patterns.

That means you can eliminate very high bot placements before they cost you money. '

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Tip: 3 Simple Tricks To Master The Art of CTR In Facebook Ads

'Since I've launched my consulting services I have been spending hours and hours with clients looking at their campaign flow and helping them perfect their system. It's interesting to see that even advanced affiliates can make rookie mistakes and don't realize where they mess up.

This is the reason I decided to come up with an article about 3 major mistakes I tend to see with my clients:

Mistake #1. Not Analyzing data the RIGHT way – Making desperate decisions'

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Tip: Importance of Split Testing Your Ad Copy

'A couple of days ago I was talking to my native English speaker friend and I asked if he could take a look at my ad copy because I kinda had the feeling that there's room to improve on my ads. Don't get me wrong, I made constant 100% roi with my campaign!

I do speak English very well, but still when it comes to copywriting, it's just another world! My grammar was perfect on the ad copy but my friend could tell it's not written by a native speaker. So he helped me tweaking the text and I had version A (my ad copy) and version B (native speaker's ad copy).

I was really excited to see results, so I have submitted two separate ad groups with the same image, same targeting, same landing page with only the difference in the ad copy (version A and B).

At first it seemed like my “poor English” ad copy did better, but when I started to get more and more traffic'

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Case Study: How I Made $XXX,XXX Profit On FB Direct Linking (Blackhat But No Cloaking)

'Some of you may already read some comments at the Facebook vs Pin Submit discussions about Facebook Advertising for VIP Response. I have been doing FB advertising (self-employed) for over 5 years now, mainly on insurances and finance. Facebook seems to be a tough b*tch when it comes to pin submits. However I would like you guys to show some insights on how to make good profit on FB with pin submits. Some luck is needed too by the way wink emoticon

Important notes v1.

– no cloaking involved

– no prelanders involved

– just direct linking (ad ? click ? campaign page)'

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Do we have to cloak in Native to stay competitive?

'From what I've gathered from spying, most affiliate nutra campaigns are being cloaked. The LP's are breaking so many rules (i.e. trademark infringement). This obviously allows them to bid higher because of increased ROI.

What becomes of those who wants to stay compliant? Must they go over to the "dark side" in order to make any decent $?

I don't see how the complaint guys can compete. '

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REVEALED: 13 Secrets to Getting Expert STM Members to Answer Your Questions

'Tons of questions get asked on STM every day.

Although it's true that there are no stupid questions, we can all stand to ask our questions in a smart way - and the pointers below will help us do JUST that!'

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The Mistake that Many Smart People Make

'There is a common mistake that often happens to smart people — in many cases, without you ever realizing it.

The mistake has to do with the difference between being in motion and taking action. They sound similar, but they’re not the same.

Here’s the deal…

Motion vs. Action

Motion is when you’re busy doing something, but that task will never produce an outcome by itself. Action, on the other hand, is the type of behavior that will get you a result.

Here are some examples…'

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Solar is cranking!

'Solars a cool vertical. Elon musk is the man.

Here are some landers people passed around in my mastermind.'

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