This Week on STM: Loading Times For Pop Traffic: The Go-Faster Cheatsheet ... And More!

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This Week on STM: Loading Times For Pop Traffic: The Go-Faster Cheatsheet ... And More!

Advice! We have advice. And it's good.

This week on STM, uber-designer Shishev tells us things we didn't know about Whitespace (did you know there are 4 different kinds?), we've got pop tips on optimisation and loading times, Caurmen tells us how to not die, and the STM community jumps in on a fascinating discussion of the best advice they've ever received...

Loading Times For Pop Traffic: The Go-Faster Cheatsheet

'DO optimise your images. Image optimisation is usually the biggest improvement you can make to a slow page. I find produces the best results for JPGs, but others swear by for ease of use.

DON'T use all-image landers. Using a lander made of a single image is fine for a quick test, but having it properly coded will make it load much faster AND look much sharper.

DON'T run Wordpress for your landers. Even highly-optimised Wordpress run by experts is still several times slower than a straight HTML page. A Worpdress install you haven't spent days tweaking is likely to be MUCH slower than that.

DO remove tracking once you have optimised the campaign. Tracking redirects add 300ms or more to loading times. That's significant. Unless you're using a non-redirect-based tracker, removing tracking on an optimised campaign...'

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Tip PopAds ISPs - Don't Optimize for What You Can't Target!

'I've been following-along some pop follow-alongs, specifically for PopAds which is an extremely popular traffic source. There's something I've been pointing out about the screwy way in which popads deals with ISPs and carriers, so I thought I'd make a separate post about it and hopefully help more members that are also running on this traffic source.

The problem I'm wanting to point out, it that you can't always get just carrier traffic for a specific carrier - sometimes you just have to let some wifi traffic tag along. For example, there's no way to just receive Viettel Mobile carrier traffic - when you target Viettel Corporation, you'll get only ~20% of Viettel carrier traffic, with the other 80% being wifi traffic.

So why is this relevant...'

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Something doesn't FEEL right with your landers and sites? It could be whitespace!

"So WHY do some landers and sites FEEL wrong?

Because you probably haven’t heard of Micro, Macro, Passive and Active whitespace. Not to worry though, it sounds like a lot, but these are all actually really simple terms that can help you understand the WHY portion of your whitespace problem.

Micro and Macro Whitespace

The space between major/big elements in a page is, you guessed it, macro whitespace. Should you leave these two sections close to each other, or should you add some breathing room? The space between the smaller ones - a caption and an image, between letters or words, a caption and a CTA, an icon and text is all micro whitespace."

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The STM Guide To Not Dying Early

"Making bank is awesome. But you know what can really put a crimp in all those post-freedom travel plans?

Being dead.

Affiliate marketing isn't the most health-promoting of occupations. It's stressful. It's stationary. It tends to promote long hours and bad diet.

And whilst most affiliates are young, that doesn't mean you're safe. For starters, people do die young, more often than you'd think. And secondly, health decisions whilst you're young can really screw you when you get older.

So here's our quick cheatsheet for how to a) do AM without b) kicking the bucket, shuffling off the mortal coil, and joining the choir eternal or c) just having health problems and feeling miserable."

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What is the SINGLE, MOST EFFECTIVE AND IMPACTFUL Piece of Advice You Have Received?

Dozens of STMers from newbies to super affiliates share the single most helpful piece of advice they've ever received.

Take 5 minutes and read through them all.

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Get a Master's Degree from One of the Best Universities in the Hot Data Science Field

'University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign is one of the best universities in the world and truly outstanding for information science.

The first Internet web browser Netscape was invented there.

Its alumni include Marc Andreessen (founder Netscape, Andreeson Horowitz), Larry Ellison (co-founder, Oracle), Martin Eberhard (co-founder, Tesla Motors), Thomas Siebel (founder, Siebel Systems), Jeremy Stoppelman (co-founder, Yelp), Steve Chen (co-founder, Youtube), Sonny Vu (co-founder Misfit Wearables, Agamatrix), Max Levchin (co-founder, Paypal), and many many more.

Now for the first time, you can get a master's degree from U of I in data science'

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The Affiliate Industry And The Future

'Affiliates have always been and still are an expendable "bottom of the food chain" channel. As you've mentioned, once affiliates are used to build up a company, they are usually dumped, especially if there's a need to reduce risk.

Part of the reason for this is the fact that although it's not the case for the entire affiliate community, there are bad apples that mess things up for all affiliates.

Yeah is cool that an aff can make a ton of cash by skirting TOS with cloaking/blackhat etc, all this makes companies like FB, Google etc not want to work with the channel beyond a certain point.

Everyone is free to make money, but it also means the affiliate channel becomes a crowd companies don't want to associate with.

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Exposed: The Secret Source Code for Generating UNLIMITED Native Ads ... for FREE

Need some inspiration? Here's a fun native-ad-style neadline generator to play with!

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