INFOGRAPHIC: 2016 Native Ads Cheat Sheet For Affiliates. And More From This Week on STM

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INFOGRAPHIC: 2016 Native Ads Cheat Sheet For Affiliates. And More From This Week on STM

This week is a week of tips.

Not massive brain-bending guides, hardcore, specific, down-to-earth tips.

From a pile of laser-focused RevContent info to a quickfire series of optimisation tips to a 200%+ CTR booster for pops, we're firing out that info like it's a submachinegun, not a cannon.

Get it now whilst it's fresh...

INFOGRAPHIC: 2016 Native Ads Cheat Sheet For Affiliates.

An amazing visualisation of top tips for Native from our resident Picasso, Shishev.

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Tip CHEATSHEET: DOs and DON'Ts of Optimisation

"1) DON'T just go with your gut (unless you're a stone-cold expert). Unless you're a Stackman- or MrGreen-level expert, statistical math is MASSIVELY more accurate than going on feel for what to cut when.

2) DO run tests to statistical significance. Cutting placements, landers, banners and campaigns too early is one of the surest ways to fail at AM. Doesn't matter if it LOOKS significant, do the math!

3) DON'T run tests beyond statistical significance. There's no point spending $100 on a $0.20 payout that doesn't convert. Once you know for certain that an ad won't work or a lander's not the best of the bunch, stop and test something else.

4) DO use Bayesian testing wherever you can. Here's our guide to Bayesian testing..."

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STM Announcement: Affiliate World Europe 2016 - Sales Now Open

"1. Booths and Tables are on sale now (March 21st)
2. Attendee Conference Tickets are on sale tomorrow (March 22nd from 2pm CET)
More information about our ground breaking speakers and unique breakout sessions coming soon."

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RevContent websites -> widgets list and black list

If you're running RevContent you HAVE to read this thread.

Multiple superb tips including:

  • A massive blacklist of spam placements on RevContent
  • A step-by-step guide to running profitable RevContent campaigns
  • Detailed tips from a $40k/month RevContent spender.

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Which verticals have the potential of $x'xxx / a day campaigns?

"Let's all look at the Flashlight campaign that everyone is talking about. You have guys doing at least 20K/day+ on it. You target the 'survivalist' man living in the southern US states, that thinks Obama is going to take his guns, with a lander angle of: this new 'Military Grade' Flashlight is what every dude needs to pretend to be a Marine or whatever HOORAH HOORAH, news article lander . and that tiny niche of M/40+/Republicans can bring you 20K days, how many ppl is that?

So what if you opened that up, and targeted other Demos. Say the..."

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Traffic Types Definition - #1 - POPS

"One of the questions Im getting pretty often from new marketers is, "what kind of traffic is this", so I thought I'd do a mini series on this, explaining the specifics for every traffic type. Let's start with the most popular POPs and if there is enough interest, I will cover the other types in following posts.

So what is POP Traffic actually?

History: It all started as POP-UPs, it was the small window that popped over a site - usually used for email collection. What started as a small pop, ended up as a full sized window with the absence of scroll bars, moved up on the screen a bit so the close button wasn’t visible at all Even better were the "smart" marketers who chained the popups so you basically couldn’t break out of the chain without crashing your browser - this was the birth of the term "popup hell". As you can guess, browser developers did all they could to block this"

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Tip Pop Lander Tip - Increase CTR by 200%+

"I've been MIA from the forums for the past 1.5 days because one of my best buddies was in town and we got to spend some quality time together.

He's a real pro when it comes to coding landers. That's where his passion lies. Money isn't a major motivator for him. Using just one of his lander tricks, he was able to reach high 4-figures with pop traffic recently and he's a lazy marketer. If he would put in the time to scale he'd be doing 5 figures/day easy. But he prefers to spend his time on conquering new verticals and traffic sources instead of milking profitable campaigns. Each to his own I guess.

One of the biggest lander tips I've learned from him is this..."

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Forget Your Credit Card ... Get a New Virtual Credit Card for Every Transaction

"Definitely looks worth trying out!"

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Tip Boost CTRs With The Power of Emoji's ??

"If you're not already using them, make sure to test them in some copy. Adespresso recently did a case study on them - conversions boosted 1% and CTR 10% - Great for catching a users eye!

Most used emojis are..."

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Best Method For Finding QUALITY Offers?

"A couple of other routes to consider:

1) Find a service you find useful and good, then see if it has an affiliate program. This can work very well - one of the longer-running programs I've promoted is a service I've used myself, a lot.

It's not 100% - for example, I love Lord Of The Rings Online, but I can't get the bloody thing to convert for the life of me. But it's a good way to find things you might overlook.

2) Just look through your network's offer list, then check out the landing page of anything that looks promising. You can find some really out-of-the-way gems this way. Go through the flow, look at the lander design, look at how well the offer sells itself. Think about its demographics and how large a user base it appeals to. Don't forget that"

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The always confusing ANGLE creation - my guide for new people.

"I think we will all agree that the right angle is one of the most important parts of a successful campaign. There are many threads dedicated to angle creation on this forum already, but I still see people asking about it all the time, so let me write a simple guide to angle creation. It’s been a while since we had a larger thread on angles published, so let's bring it back.

This time I would like to do it in a bit different way, so not just general rules and advice on how to do it. I will go step by step, from selecting an offer, through the brainstorming phase all the way to angle ideas and ad copy. Since I personally prefer using banners, I will structure the final ad copies to be short enough for a larger banner.

The goal of this guide isn't really to come up with angles that will actually result in profitable campaigns, but rather to show you how I approach angle creation..."

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Installing Funnel Flux on Linode Server [Video Walkthrough]

"I installed Funnel Flux on Linode using zeno's stackscript. A lot of newbies had trouble installing it so I made a video walkthrough for those that are interested."

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Tip AdWords GDN - How to Block Tablet Traffic

"Haven't seen this on here so figure this may help some. As you may know, AdWords has lumped together the targeting of Desktop & Tablets into the same targeting category; which is annoying if you are promoting a download/software offer that doesn't work on Tablet. In a lot of threads you'll see replies like, "Well you should just make your site tablet responsive", which is garbage advice.

Here's a hack you can do to to block tablet traffic.

Create HTML5 Ads (not image display ads). And in the HTML5 Body, put this script"

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