Think Again About Adwords AM!

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Think Again About Adwords AM!
New Adwords features promise better targeting!

"If you counted AdWords out due to the lack of specificity in it’s targeting options and reporting data, you’re in luck. You can now target with incredible data that competes with the likes of Twitter and Facebook’s custom audiences. "

Adwords white hat offers

"I have been running white hat CPL offers through Adwords for the past 12 years. One thing I have realised over that time is that not everything works, and for a campaign to make serious money for you (I have had lots of these but also some which have lost money), it has to be either..."

Help! Advertiser Wants $20,000 Reversed!

The STM community leaps into action to help out an affiliate facing a major advertiser dispute. Must-read advice.

First Decent Profit Camp!

"Small success, but feels good! This was a sweeps+pops camp."

Cost of shipping for dropshipping from China will go up - new rules in 2018

"Shipping from China has been cheap - very cheap. And that will change to some extent with the new rules and cost"

Follow Along eCommerce Newbie - Time to Get Serious - Page 2

A quick tip on what's working for one eCommerce store

Tip Crypto Investment - HODL / Back Tester Spreadsheet

"Found a great "tool" spreadsheet, to run backtests on crypto investments. Might be an eye opener to some."

First month result - Page 2

"Getting back to the campaign turned out to be a right decision, my first xx/day campaign, a huge milestone for me. "

The Robust Marketer - Episode 16 With Tim Burd

The Robust Marketer interviews the Facebook expert Tim Burd

Where to scale from POF?

A quick tip for anyone looking to scale up from the old POF platform.

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