🎰These Sweepstakes Are Rigged With Conversion Armour 🎮iGaming affiliates – From SEO Affiliates to Sophisticated Media Buyers

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🎰These Sweepstakes Are Rigged With Conversion Armour 🎮iGaming affiliates –  From SEO Affiliates to Sophisticated Media Buyers

These Sweepstakes Are Rigged With Conversion Armour

Thread context:

I have tested sweeps when i just started my journey while following Amys 40 days guide, but quickly left that vertical as i couldn't seems to get it working successfully. I moved on to the finance vertical via push, specifically loans and been doing quite well with them.

...i decided to dig a little deeper into the offers themselves to find out why the fudge there are no conversions.

_Using remote desktop to my sis computer (to ensure my cookies have no effect) i started testing each and every offer..._”

Let me to summarize this guy’s findings:

1) SOI is not really SOI – Only 1 of 15 tested fired a conversion.

2) “Conversion armour” – 14 offers required the user go through the entire funnel (or led them astray)

3) The offers cheat because they didn’t fire a conversion even after winding through each and every miserable page.

Is he onto somethin’ or is there more to the sweeps game than meets the affiliate eye?

_Maybe_ yes.

But also _no_.

SOI means single opt-in – but ye still have to fill the entire form, you just don’t have to confirm yer email by the end.

Affiliate networks scrub, yes – how else are they gonna snag margins, ey?


Stick to direct advertisers (if the dollarydoo-flow allows), or legit networks.

Also, our local sweeps-expert mod @stickupkid says this:

“Keep an eye on your daily CR, lets say it's between 12-16% that seems quite "steady". But 2% - 10% is a big difference for example.”

Ye’ll find the rest of the story in there.


That’s not even the best part of this thread.


After @jaybot jumped in with his usual influx of swear words sprinkled with kindness something quite remarkable popped up.

Here’s how it went:

@jaybot charms OP with seductive profanity -> OP unveils exactly how to run payday loan offers in South America, profitably so.

Lander screenshots included.

The entire sneaky angle’s in there.

All ripe and up for grabz.

Yer welcome.

>> Basically, go grab a free and highly profitable angle plus see the inner-workings of the sweeps game in greater detail <<

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“I want to lose 18 kgs in 3 months” - STM’s Weight Loss Counselling

“I currently weigh 87 kgs and am 5" 9' tall. The diet plan I have chalked out is fine. Please can anyone suggest the right exercises to reduce belly fat (a good youtube video that has helped someone should be good)?

6 kgs a month seems realistic and achieveable. What do you think?”

Asking the world’s largest hornet’s nest of Acai Berry slinging and Garcinia Cambogia dealing affiliates for weight loss advice.


One of the replies, as anticipated:

But ye’d be surprised.

Many legends tuned in.

Some with actual aid.

For instance:

People recommending apps like MyFitnessPal.

Checking your testosterone levels.

Keto diets.

Lifting weights, daily.


Yada yada.

Something called Kinobody – literally no clue what this is – recommended by @popcash (yes, the ad network, they’re all on the forums)

Personally imo, the bestest part?

Legendary @matuloo’s advice, by far:

“I got the million-dollar advice: Eat LESS!”

But most importantly:

I love beer and fat meat too much to sacrifice any of it “

I rest my case.

>> Affiliates aren’t all underwear digital superheroes it seems, some of us do workout, go ye here <<

Rioting Facebook Advertisers = Drool Over Lower CPMs?

Hey Zucc, how does yer seat feel?


Linkey here:

“The survey showed that a third of the top 58 advertisers will, or are likely to, suspend advertising, while a further 40% are also considering doing so.

On Monday, Ford and Adidas announced their intention to halt all advertising on the platform, joining corporations including Honda, Verizon, Diageo and Unilever.

Others, including Starbucks and Coca-Cola, have paused all advertising on social media but stopped short of officially announcing support for the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign, which is coordinating the Facebook boycott.”

Ouchy ouch.

What’s STM’s take on this?

Shall we begin “The Drooling”?

Perhaps so.

@stickupkid and @matuloo have chimed in thus far.

Let the games begin.

>> Go ye here and find out <<

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