❤️‍🔥 These Native Offers Are Crushing It

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❤️‍🔥 These Native Offers Are Crushing It
❤️‍🔥 These Native Offers Are Crushing It

@jack_l reveals the exact offer he’s crushing on native right now.

Plus 6 more you should definitely try.

The list includes a bunch from Clickbooth, an AV offer (legit one, mind you), a low-payout dating offer and search arbitrage all thanks to TheOptimizer’s integration with a particular network and @platinum for stirring up the arbitrage fires.


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Here’s How STM Braces for iOS14

With iOS14 just around the corner here’s how STMers and trackers are bracing for impact.

No one’s particularly worried.

(Some trackers having solved potential issues ahead of time, plus tons more existing solutions)


What Makes a Good Ecommerce Offer?

With an affinity for e-commerce what offers do you push?

A question many newbies ask.

@jack_l strikes again and reveals all the types of ecom offers one can run on Facebook:

  • Direct-response style funnels (this one offer in particular’s doing big numbers)

  • A classic Shopify store that does it right

  • Another classic Shopify crushing it on both Facebook and Youtube

Ye also get a list of the top affiliate networks for said offers, enjoy.


Steal @twinaxe’s Optimizer Rules

@twinaxe reveals the exact campaign optimization rules he uses to bring in big numbers with TheOptimizer

And what you should do is go in there and copy them ASAP.


STM Gets Some Newbie Love

“I'm new here as well and after looking for ways to learn affiliate marketing I gotta say STM is the best group I found. With all the information and discounts for certain services, $100/month price is kinda low. The moderators are great and all the members are extremely helpful as well.” - One happy STMer


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