💹 These MMO Offers Are Killing it on Native 📈 How to Increase Your CR and Lower Your Costs

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💹 These MMO Offers Are Killing it on Native 📈 How to Increase Your CR and Lower Your Costs
💹 These MMO Offers Are Killing it on Native

@revale tried to launch his first native campaign on Taboola with an MMO offer.

It got rejected for the following reasons:

Claiming financial freedom (not allowed)

Exact money-making amount claims (not allowed)

Terms and Conditions in English - not French

Missing video transcrip / fast-forward and rewind buttons

Use of racy/unrealted images in creatives

@jack_l explains why Outbrain and Taboola aren’t good options and where to try running these offers instead.

Plus he reveals one email-submit angle that’s killing it on Taboola.

Additionally, you get to see just how expensive native is.

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Critical Newbie Affiliate Lessons

@lilgator said they’re puting a stop on his campaigns for a few weeks to save cash for his next campaign.

In the meantime, he plans on building up his skills – starting with coding.

“I'm currently going all in on learning coding and taking the Front End Development track on Tree House (HTML, CSS, Java). I chose this area because tech is my weakness and hiring a coder was nightmare for me last time. Being strong in tech is a big edge.”

“Also I am considering posting my help for free (any VA type task) on the Job Board. I can wire frame, write basic copy, am proficient at excel etc. Would this be useful to you?”

What’s surprising is @lilgator’s innocent question sparked a massive discussion.

What you’ll find in this thread:

@platinum’s 9 pro tips on what to focus on (and what not to focus on) as a newbie. Critical aspects.

@vortex explains why you should make a logical money-based decision on whether to outsource coding or not. Plus why pops aren’t necessarily about marketing but more so about having a great system.

How @matuloo has run 1000s of campaigns without needing to write code, and why having the right coder is crucial

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