These Are Lannister-Level Numbers–PUSHing $4313.79 Daily Into Your Bank Account (175% ROI)

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These Are Lannister-Level Numbers–PUSHing $4313.79 Daily Into Your Bank Account (175% ROI)
These Are Lannister-Level Numbers–PUSHing $4313.79 Daily Into Your Bank Account (175% ROI)

This guy literally just now posted his success story and Tywin would’ve been proud.

That specific number from the subject line ($4k+ daily) was done on April 5th just last month.

He’s looking to scale to 5 figures daily in the near future.

But this is all beside the main point.

“Some of the lessons I learnt from this was to never give up as it wasn't that long ago”

Yet another repeating pattern in the affiliate marketing boxing ring, no?

“Never give up” as cliche as this may sound and as bruised your ears are from hearing it, is just the plain, simple truth.

Massive focus and relentless determination.

I was down over $3000 USD after launching almost 100 different campaigns and nothing working out

“Nothing working out”.

Most people would have given up.

You would have given up, probably.

Slap the fairytale nonsense out of your head right now.

It’s not easy and there are no immediate successes, no shortcuts, no tricks nor tactics that are going to get you ahead.

Let me quote Wikipedia for you:

“The terms tactic and strategy are often confused: tactics are the actual means used to gain an objective, while strategy is the overall campaign plan, which may involve complex operational patterns, activity, and decision-making that govern tactical execution.”

Tactics alone may get you to make a dollar or two for a few days, but you need a strategy if you want to hit those big numbers.

Tactics are simply not sustainable.

Therefore you have to put in the work, the planning, blood, sweat and tears in order to make this game work in your favour.

Getting the Iron Throne is a complex game. (pun intended)

Also, there’s another juicy tip that was crucial to this guy’s success.

It’s at the bottom of his post.

Lannister gold bars over here

Even Young Newbie Lannisters Now Doing $300 Push Days

I am a newbie in this forum but I am already gaining a lot of knowledge from it so I wanted to share how I earn my bread. I believe push ads are number 1 way to make money at the moment but it might soon get saturated so it is high time to make a lot of money through it.”

Humbler than any Lannister has ever been and yet he’s crushing it.

It’s a simple, concise case study with 3 main sections:

1. Setup a landing page to collect push users

2. Get push subscribers at a cheap cost

3. Show push subscribers generic, high converting offers

But the meat of it all is not so simple as you would find out.

There’s The Mother of Dragons, white walkers and betrayals left and right and if you really want that Iron Throne you have to tread lightly and acquire push subs at a low cost, navigate the stormy seas of disapprovals with the various networks listed, build competent, relevant landers and then have the right offers for the right the right time.



If you decide to go completely bonkers and burn down an entire city with your fancy-pants dragon you may end up like Danny–with a Jon Snow dagger in your torso.

Meaning, if you rush in guns blazing and buying Tier 2-3 subs at outrageous prices you won’t stand a chance of getting that Iron Throne.


Plus, he lists 7 caveats with push ads which you have to tattoo on your forehead before taking the plunge as a nice wrap up to the case study.

Valar Morghulis

TheDudeAbides Delivers a Bittersweet but Hopeful Ending to His Native Finale

Kelly Sheffield a.k.a. TheDudeAbides a.k.a. a master of native traffic and veteran STM mod just wrapped up his truly epic native follow along with Voluum DSP.

It has been a tremendous journey and this final post is full of invaluable info.

It’s basically a comparison of running direct with the native networks versus running through Voluum DSP.

The results are surprising, to say the least.

Fortunately, they haven’t been written by D.B Weiss and David Benioff.

But instead by George R.R. Martin’s STM equivalent who goes by the name of TheDudeAbides.

A masterpiece of a follow along.

But there’s one thing we don’t spoil and that’s STM stuff.

Bloody hypocrites!” - You may think, but I’ll counter with an arrogant Tywin quote:

A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep.”

Sorry not sorry.

Blood boiling? Good.

Now go see the final post yourself

The Wild Boars Are Now Grabbing Wakeboards and Riding The SaaS Waves

Enough Game of Thrones for today.

Time to focus on those wild boards and their advanced super-boar intelligence once again.

There’s no need for further introduction.

You already know Wakeboarder (Tim) and his massively successful undertakings and projects.

It seems like everything he touches turns to profits.

His Pinterest SaaS spy tool which we spoke about is no exception.

Even though the monthly revenues aren’t yet that high, Tim decided to sit down one quiet, sunny Sunday afternoon and unleash yet another giant of a post.

What a glorious and informative journey this is.

Quick summary of the main points below:

1. The Power of Community

Tim’s building some private communities that are bound to bare fruits in the long run. The responses are encouraging.

2. Optimize the Workflow

In a nutshell, Trello. Plus juicy details.

3. Building Connections

Partial quote: “Every week I'm trying to get in touch with at least two new people that I believe we can help each other. “ And he mentions some high-level person from Pinterest too.

4. In-App Analytics

I’m obsessed with analyzing the user-behavior”.

More patterns here. Obsession, action, determination and so on.

Tim describes what he does to improve UX and revenue numbers.

5. Webhooks + Zapier = <3

With Zapier you can drastically reduce development costs and then automate everything, details are inside. He managed to automate some super tedious but necessary and revealing tasks.

6. Think outside the box

This one I won’t reveal. It’s the cherry on top. 2 crazy ideas not meant for public, non-STM eyes.

And the wrap consists of 2 more points to the above list.

We’re all proud of Tim.

Wakeboarder riding waves here

A Typical “Adult Dating is Dead!” Thread Takes a Very Weird & Sudden Turn...

You know these threads.

We get them from time to time by some confused, lost newbie.

Is Adult Dating a dying niche?

A 6-month old newbie asks.

Then legendary veteran matuloo jumps in with a huge post and you know what happens next.

Short answer: Adult is alive and well, the same it has been for over 15 years and it isn’t going anywhere.

But then a bunch of other dudes who also run adult just HAD to jump in and turn this thread on into something extremely weird.

I’ll just mention crazy German fetishes.

And I’ll stop here.

Honestly this is so disgusting that I gave up writing this piece of the newsletter.

Seriously, if you’re eating something right now DO NOT read this thread. There are no images but the text itself is mega-NSFW.

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you

40-Day Follow Along Newbie Goes Full Sherlock Holmes on Clickloss

A full 3-page follow along full of gold and secrets.

At one point the newbie in question decided to unravel the mysteries of clickloss all by himself as there wasn’t enough conclusive evidence on the subject.

It’s a battle between Cloudflare vs Cloudfront as a CDN then a battle of trackers between Voluum vs BeMob vs Binom vs Kintura.

Oh and not to mention vortex’s (veteran moderator) essay-long replies and extremely insightful advice and guidance which have turned this thread into something you have to devour right now.

Elementary, my dear Watson

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