The World's First Affiliate Marketing Documentary

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The World's First Affiliate Marketing Documentary

Ahoy there readers!

In case you missed it, STM just outed there biggest project yet.

And it's truly a groundbreaking world first.

Without further ado, we're excited to announce our latest game changing project that STM has been working on with The Angry Russian, Fernando and the 317 film crew.

It's called "The Angle".

It will be THE World's First Affiliate Marketing Documentary.

The Angle: How a bunch of ballsy 20 year old misfits completely revolutionized marketing.

It's the story of the rise of online marketing as told by insiders who made and lost fortunes.

It follows larger than life characters who used developments in technology, gaps in the law, and their insights into human nature to promote products and make millions through online marketing by the time they were 25.

A kind of mercenary marketing army, these revolutionaries bought and sold advertising on a scale never before seen, and in the process, transformed the way whole industries reach consumers, while validating radical economic theories that ultimately led to a Nobel prize.

Their stories reveal intense ambitions, lifestyle extremes, and a common desire to escape the bonds of wage serfdom.

Here is a little teaser:

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