The Push Traffic Money Printing Machine Delivers...Again - $1k/month Newbie

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The Push Traffic Money Printing Machine Delivers...Again - $1k/month Newbie

The Push Traffic Money Printing Machine Delivers - $1k/month Newbie

Our veteran mod Erik’s famous push traffic money printing machine (all possible thanks to his lustful relationships with push traffic & Monetizer as stated in a previous email) is bearing fruit.

One newbie just dropped this:

“After not even whole month 1k achieved

When my best month with paid traffic was $3k (but just one time) I think I see light on the light at the end of the tunnel with this method”

It hasn’t even been an entire month.

Push traffic’s all the rage and what’s a sweeter way than to make money doing basically nothing?

No clue how long this well-oiled machine’s gonna keep running smoothly - you might wanna check this out before it’s too late.

Oh and by the way, in case you’ve been asleep, this entire thread is full of people taking home bags of cash.

One guy’s adding in 30,000+ subs to his push lists daily and doing over $XXX/day.

Another’s doing $200+/day.

Tick, tock.

Finders keepers.

First come, first serve.

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Should a Newbie Pop or Should a Newbie Push? That is Ze Question

Do ye start with pop or do ye start with push?

This thread shall be sorted by “controversial” at best.

Take a lookie at the first reply:

“Obviously push traffic. pop traffic has a lot of bot traffic”

Nice, interesting.

But then look at this:

“Both are fine.


I say Pops to learn the basics. Push has too many moving parts for a beginner. I say graduate to push after you get a good handle on pops.”

Shortly after, the plot thickens further:

“Yes, I know this is the pop/push forum, but a newbie should start with ECOM. “

It then spirals into what you’d least expect.

@vortex, @erik (obviously biased with push) & @matuloo jump in to try and clear these murky waters.

Conclusion? See with yer own affiliate eyes.

>> Shakespearian dramas are nothing compared to this STM thread, clickie here <<

STM’s Ecom Mystery Man (@pekadis) Drops More Gold

This one man shrouded in mystery keeps delivering gold bars to STMers.

He didn’t become a mod by pure chance - this guy knows what he’s doing. He’s running a successful ecommerce business with an actual team, warehouses, logistics and everything in between.

This is his “big update and what’s next” thread.


“In 2019, we almost doubled our turnover, with the same amount of staff and made big improvements on our bookkeeping system.”


“Oh, and we bought a competitor (small one)”

Listen, the way to spot a good CEO is that they never stop learning.

@pekadis says he reads 20 books a year.

(There are some lovely book recommendation in the thread, your newsletter writer confirms they’re legit picks)

He’s signed up for an online program from the Growth Institute.

There’s his unmissable wisdom on scaling a business, being careful, networking and so on.

The best part? He might just show up to the next AW conference.

The bestest part? Juiciest bits are in the thread.

>> Chests of gold by STM’s mystery ecom man - go here <<

STMers Get Cash & Eternal Glory from Legendary Copywriter

John Alanis’ contest is over and 3 winners have been announced:

(+ bonus)

“First Prize- $500 and eternal glory: jack01

Second Prize $300 and eternal glory: sushiparlour

Third Prize- $200 and eternal glory: hawaiimon

BONUS Prize- $100 Ksenia from Vortex Ads. I am awarding this to her not just for contributing to the ideas, but for being a good affiliate manager, very patient while I get my complex money-making system set up. And also for having excellent taste in music.”

Not only did John drop incredible knowledge bombs but you got to look inside his entire funnels.

The inner workings of his bread and butter.

How he makes it rain.

He asked STMers for help.

To improve page RPMs, page designs, plus any weird and quirky monetization ideas an STMer’s mind can muster up.

In yours truly’s humblest opinion, the biggest winners are us - the lazy lurkers. Because:

A: We get ideas, insights and gold from John

B: We get ideas, insights and gold from all the contest entires.

And C: We get one of the main takeaways of this entire contest, which John reveals in the thread.

It’s perhaps even more valuable than seeing how an expert copywriter shapes his entire funnels, how he monetizes them and how he’s about to improve them thanks to STMers.

This marketing lesson you should see for yerself, ASAP.

>> Do yourself a favour and read every single reply in this thread, go here <<

Speaking of Cash & Contests - Grab $1800 from Binom

One contest ends, another one begins.

Binom’s contest should be ez money if ye have the slightest bit of experience:

“We value knowledge and we are ready to pay for it.

The conditions of the contest

  • The content must be about affiliate marketing or tracking. We accept cases, guides, analytical material, description of working methods, life hacks, tutorials and everything that you might consider useful for the audience.
  • The content must be absolutely unique, original and must not be published anywhere else earlier.
  • The text size has to be no less than 5000 symbols that’s about two pages of printed text. Explain an idea, do not be shy.
  • The article will be published on the official channels and Binom’s blog.
  • The dates of the contest is two months: 01/12/2019 - 01/02/2020
  • The winner will be announced at 10/02/2020
  • Binom’s team decides on the winners. We consider voting is not a good idea because of cheating attempts.


A guaranteed prize will be given for each article that respond to the requirements - 2 months of using the tracker (as for current clients, as for new ones).

  • 1 place: Annual license for the tracker + 1000$
  • 2 place: A six-month license for the tracker + 500$
  • 3 place: A three-month license for the tracker + 300$

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