🦥 The Lazy Way To Get Hundreds Of Thousands Of Conversions With The Lowest Effort Possible

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The Lazy Way To Get Hundreds Of Thousands Of Conversions With The Lowest Effort Possible

He, Neo The Lazy One, @twinaxe, strikes again.

I didn’t even need to come up with a catchy title, he’s that good.

Neo promised to show us his wicked affiliate spells for running financial offers on push.

And he hath delivered.

But first, let’s take a quick trip down newsletter memory lane:

“But I have something even better for you, soon I will post a guide how to easily run these offers yourself and maybe you can show similar stats then yourself soon…”

Easily’ being this campaign’s primary keyword.


“...finally it´s time to show you the steps that generated me more than 190k conversions from financial offers.


“We will start very easy so that even beginners can start making money from it right away.

And when I say very easy I really mean very easy. :-)

Even more:

“When you have finished reading this post you will have a blueprint to start running these campaigns served on a silver platter.

Oh, the best-est part?

You can freely get rid of landing pages.

That’s right–these babies run direct linked.

Look at this:

And thus, his Lazy Ways begin to unveil.

Ye might think “but financial offers can mean anything.”

And yes, they ain’t what ye’d expect.

Certainly ain’t crypto.


Here’s a blurry screenshot because what happens on STM, stays on STM (the actual offers ye shall see inside):

It’s all laid out on a silver platter:

– The exact creatives he uses (he found them on STM…this entire guide is NOT for hard-working people…)

– The exact campaign settings

– The exact optimization strategies (and pro-tips ye won’t find anywhere else on the world-wide-web)

– His favourite network

– The most profitable GEOs

All you have to do?

Oh, it’s extremely difficult.

Step 1) Login to your favourite push traffic source.

Step 2) Setup your campaigns the exact same way Lazy Neo shows you here.

Step 3) Profit.

Basically, if you don’t sink yer teeth into this ASAP you’re a bloody fool.

Yer welcome.

👉👉👉 Ye Better Take Action on This ASAP…

P.S. I want ye to show me any other place that hands you campaigns on a silver platter.

Crypto Offers Targeting Tip + Huge Bump in Revshare %

How to Get 20% Revshare Bumped to 55%?

Simple - just sign up to Youhodler through this link. (An exclusive offer for readers of this newsletter.)

What? You haven’t heard of Youhodler??

We’re a Swiss-based, regulated fintech company with in-house crypto products, including: Wallets, Earn, Trading, Stake, Loans, Exchange

5 Reasons to Run With Youhodler:

  • Worldwide traffic accepted (except US and Germany), with special focus on Europe, particularly ITALY.

  • Official Crypto Partner of Torino FC - so we have goodies from the club we can share, and promos to run with our affiliates.

  • Call support available for Spanish and Italian-speaking customers.

  • Newbie-friendly web and mobile platforms.

  • Commission models: CPA, revshare or hybrid depending on traffic source. (Payouts customisable for each partner according to needs and volume.)

So what’s that targeting tip?

This will be useful if you’re running on Facebook.
Many affiliates tend to over-target. Target broad instead - this can make a significant difference, and is giving us the best results right now.

👉👉👉 Sign Up to Youhodler - Get Revshare % Bumped to 55%

The Secrets Behind Markiplier's $35+ Million Net Worth!

It seems STMers are keen to know exactly how famous YouTubers & TikTokers & influencers have made their dollarydoos.

The secrets behind their success.

The patterns, untangled.

@Creators Mafia are asking for feedback on their video script.

This time, it’s Markiplier.

If ye’ve ever wondered how Markiplier got his $35+ Million Net worth…

This is yer chance.

Mark Fishbach, a.k.a. Markiplier has 33 million subscribers and is one of the most successful YouTubers of all time.

His channel’s got 5200 videos and about 19 BILLION views.

Daily, his videos get 5 to 13 million new views.

Go check this out.

And let these dudes know what ye think of a potential video out of this script.

👉👉👉 Learn Markiplier’s Secrets Here

62% ROI with Aliexpress Affiliate

Who would’ve thunk you could ever possibly run Aliexpress as an affiliate…profitably.

And consistently.

In the long term.


Mind ye this is a case study by a traffic source, but it’s a good case study.

Look at this:

Offer: Aliexpress affiliate program

Traffic source: Ye shall find this inside)

Ad Format: Popunder

GEO: France

Period: 04.09.2022 - 25.09.2022

Costs: $151

Revenue: $245

ROI: 62%

How can ye make this work when the revshare’s tiny–between 3% and 9%?


Ye’d be surprised.

👉👉👉 Learn How to Run Aliexpress As an Affiliate

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