The Journey To Eight Figures: A HUGE Follow-Along on STM. And More

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The Journey To Eight Figures: A HUGE Follow-Along on STM. And More
Follow Along The WTF project - No shopify, no dropshipping, no facebook

A HUGE follow-along from one of STM's experts: "The goal has been set to go from low 7 figures to 8 figures within 5 years with a net profit exceeding 15%, while running with no involvement in daily ops, thanks to processes."

Follow Along: Student's Journey through the 6 Week AMC

"Im a long time lurker, but figured I want to give you a quick heads up as to what to except after the course, that way your prepared for the challenges to come. Everyone gets hyped during, but honestly i dont see too many people talking about what happens after, so here i am to let you know my experience."

Tip: Remember to think seasonal in eComm!

"We're coming up to a whole bunch of holidays just now - so remember that when you're looking at products and copy! " (Read the whole thread!)

Is it still possible to do SEO on google in 2017/2018 ?

The STM community's experts answer this question: is SEO still doable?

When your cute product idea turns into a 47-year tradition for a major nation...

"Next time you're wondering whether that idea you came up with at 2am is worth running - remember this..."

Do you Make Landing Page Headlines Congruent With Your AD? Examples Below

Specific examples of how to tailor headlines together

Aliexpress currently reaches 29% of online population in the Netherlands

"This doesn't mean dropshipping is dead, but it does mean that you need to look beyond the opportunities you see now."

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