🧙The Curse of the STM Newsletter 📌Get $250 Worth Of Exclusive Adult Traffic For FREE

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🧙The Curse of the STM Newsletter 📌Get $250 Worth Of Exclusive Adult Traffic For FREE

🧙The Curse of the STM Newsletter – Jaybot Edition

Oh, ye know nothing, my sweet summer child.

Here echoes a quiet whisper of an ancient affiliate curse – that if ye get included in the newsletter yer profitable follow along campaign sinks.

Picture this,

Affiliate pirates peacefully plundering pop & push when out of nowhere the Newsletter Kraken strikes on a Wednesday and all green numbers suddenly get shattered to pieces.

I mean, look at ‘ole @jaybot showing off:

Quote: “$580 Green.”

Also @jaybot: “Jinx it all you want, my *camps are anti-fragile now!

j/k no jinx pls“

Awww, ain’t that cutesy.

His supposedly “anti-fragile” camps.

But is there such a thing as 100% newsletter curse resistance?

As Legendary @matuloo demanded, @jaybot’s invincible campaigns have just been put to the test.

And 2 things are going to happen.

1.This jinx is either going to make @jaybot fold up in a corner and **cry

Or 2. it’s gonna strengthen his campaigns.

Whatcha think?

>> Hold yer breath and take the plunge – $50 says his camps are gonna drop dead by next week <<

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College Student Receives Affiliate Wrist-Slapping

This college newbie started things off rather well:

“If you're a College student, or was; how do you maintain/maintained a balance between studying and affiliate marketing?”

A great question.

Here’s another follow-up:

“Wow, that's amazing! How much money did you have when you first started with AM? Would you say that a $300 a month is enough to start AM?

He then gets the golden goose number when starting AM - about 5,000 Washingtons.

Just about right.

Just about confirmed by every veteran STMer (in this thread).

But then the college newbie took a sudden sharp turn and his bike slipped badly:

5000 is way too much to start. There’s literally a $1 guide here on the forum.“

Lying on the ground, poor college newbie started getting some serious wrist-slaps.

So is $5,000 too much?

Is it not?

Is it “over the course of your nooblet life”?

Or is there something else entirely at play here.

Ye shall see inside.

But here’s Yours Truly’s take:

This is a classic case of confirmation bias.

Here’s what that means: “the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.”

This distorts evidence-based decision making.

It’s bad.

In a nutshell, college newbie decided $5,000 is bad and that $300 is good and off he went confirming it for himself.

To further stretch out the tangent - go read Ray Dalio’s Principles: Life & Work. Despite this has been written for managing your own company (for the most part), it’s going to let you see how you should evaluate opinions and weigh your own decisions cleverly.

>> Itchy fingers be damned, go read this now <<

Ditch Wordpress or Listen Closely

“Hey, I've had issues with Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground (slow speed and downtime issues, etc) for different reasons Recently migrated to WPX because of the recommendations from reputable people, companies like ThriveThemes and Matthew Woodward but WPX has been a nightmare so far - my sites started having downtime, FB pixels not firing, not working properly with unusual errors after they migrated the sites and they just keep refusing to take responsibilities, communications have been sub par.”

The causes?

A shitton of unnecessary plugins and scripts.

The magic?

Observe @jeremie (our newest mega-high-tech-super-smart mod) carefully chisel this rough WordPress site into a speedboat.

P.S. WPX is just fine, it ain’t their fault.

>> Learn how STM pros optimize WordPress for real <<

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