The Black Widow Subterfuge: Running $24 CC-Submit Sweeps On Pops

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The Black Widow Subterfuge: Running $24 CC-Submit Sweeps On Pops
The Black Widow Subterfuge: Running $24 CC-Submit Sweeps On Pops

Remember Iron Man 2?

Black Widow + Happy “infiltrating” Hammer Security.

We see Happy getting his ass handed to him before finally taking down 1 guy.

Meanwhile Black Widow’s “1-shotting” over a dozen guys.

Final view of the corridor from Happy’s sweaty perspective?

Bad guy hanging from the ceiling by what I vaguely recall as his belt surrounded by all his mates on the floor.

But there’s a point to all of this.

If you run SOI sweeps on pops then good for you.

But why struggle with low payout offers and CPMs when you can run high payout CC-submits?

And pay CPA too.

CC-submits are hard to get profitable on pops but this thread proves us all wrong.

It’s an extremely detailed, step by step case study dissecting a mega-sneaky, Black Widow style way to get this stuff done.

And no, there’s no cloaking or bending of rules involved.

It’s just a waaay out of the box approach than what you’ve typically seen.

What we regularly do is:
- Grab landers
- Grab SOI low payout sweeps
- Struggle for a few days
- Make a few dollars
- Offer dies out
- Repeat

What this guy does is:

- Grab proven landers + proven offers
- Get data & optimize (juicy details inside)
- Switch to proven CC submits for easy money and far higher ROIs (from 17% to 110%-200%)
- Bank

But then there’s the secret sauce (actually there are 2 in order to make this work).

It’s an STM gem.

That’s my secret, captain, I’m always angry

How a Tracker Change Attempt Led to “The Great Tracker Battle of August”

Here we are.

Just a guy wanting to change trackers.

BeMob to Voluum because it suits his needs better.

Simple thread. Here’s the premise quoted for you:

“ I just saw the promotion on ZeroPark where if I spend $2000 on traffic this month of August, I get 40% off Voluum yearly plans. I did the math and this 40% deal will actually save me more than 50% what I'm currently spending on BeMob every month.”

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

@jonte_ also asked if there’s a way to migrate his campaigns over, to which Voluum replied along the lines of:

“Sure pm us”.

Roll the credits.

Or so you’d think.

This is where the battle began.





Sales pitches and ruptured tendons.


Pros and cons of each.

Members chiming in.

And so on and so forth.

As @matuloo mentioned, competition has done us affiliate well over the years.

So many trackers to choose from each with their own innovative solutions, UIs, price tags and discounts.

We’re a bit spoiled, even.

Hilarious thread here and lots to think about

Hyper-intelligent Wild Boars Boarding “The Scaleship” – Plan on Scaling to the Moon

Wild boars.



A ship.

Yes there’s more boar gold coming your way, my friend.

Another fantastic story in the making.

This time around Boars & Co have decided to move to what they call “The Scaleshipfor 100 days.

A house in the middle of nowhere in Slovenia.

The reason is they have something really promising in the making – personalized products.

And what better way to focus than removing any and all distractions, setting yourself up in a quiet environment, eating healthy and exercising?

What happens when there’s 4 of you that focused?

One of their products generated 16,294.24€ and that’s what they’re scaling.

Seriously let me just paste in snippets of the thread, it’s too good to pass:

The Challenge

“In the last few months, we have set up a mechanical infrastructure, developed a product, tested a few creatives and generated 16,294.24€ in revenue with 259 orders and received insanely positive feedback from our customers. Marketing wise this was pretty much on auto-pilot, but it was complex from the technical point of view. Vesna and Zan did an amazing job here and now we just need to “spread the word”.

We will try to optimize our lives, workspace, and daily routine so that we will be the most productive and healthy as we can be.

Here is the plan for how we will achieve this:

- Early wakeup club - 6am
- Proper food and nutrition, without junk food Without alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes
- Proper fitness training and routine
- Weekly plans and checking why we are not hitting our goals and what we can do to fix the situation
- VERY FAST execution, from both Marketing and Development departments. MVP execution-style, fast experiments, and testing - Occasional BBQ and weekend relaxation, to rest our mind from scaling of the previous week
- Sincere support and advice from board members. We do NOT TOLERATE bullshit, we are always honest to improve our situation and help each other out.
- Constant self checks if we are on the right track or are we bullshitting ourselves and destroying our potential.

Then there’s “The Team” (4 key team members), “The Marketing Game” (angles, advertorials, GEOs, Pinterest, Facebook).

A lot to learn just from the intro thread.

Not to mention all the up and coming updates.

Just do yourself a favour and subscribe to Mr. Wakeboarder’s thread and bring popcorn.

Lots of it.

We’re all in for a treat.

P.S. The first update has been posted but you’ll have to see it for yourself.

The Scaleship has sailed, subscribe

[STM Exclusive Offer] 2 Days Left to Grab 257 Adplexity Landers for Less Than a Coffee

You probably got that email from our Adplexity friends.

Let me summarize the deal again because there are now 2 days left before it’s all gone.

All of it.

Sales pitch below:

Due to extremely high demand we did our best to convince our friends at Adplexity to extend the one-time offer just for you before it’s all closed (boy do we owe them a lot of beers).

So what’s the offer exactly? Hear it from Adplexity:

AdPlexity are happy to announce that we are currently running a once-in-a-lifetime offer, available to you STMers for the NEXT 3 DAYS ONLY!

We’re offering the ultimate lander pack. You can pick up 257 of the hottest affiliate landing pages around, each one hand-picked by our team.

Each landing page template is 100% clean and ready to run. They’re free of all unwanted scripts and malware, and we’ve optimised the code, to provide you with the ultimate collection of lander templates.

We’ve selected only the most popular templates of 2019, on mobile, native and push. The pack includes pre-landers covering the most popular verticals, such as:

  • Sweepstakes

  • ED

  • Gadgets

  • Hairloss

  • Nutra

  • Health

  • Insurance

  • Binary/investment

  • Muscle

  • Skincare

  • Weightloss

  • Dating

  • App Install - Alerts

  • A lot more!

And the best part? This comprehensive package is available for ONLY $1!

Get the landers here for less than a coffee!

Adplexity are offering literally hundreds of dollars’ worth of data, for just $1.

The deal is available for ONLY 3 DAYS and ONLY for STMers, so don’t let it pass you by. Once purchased, you’ll get the entire landing page package sent straight to your email address immediately.

Get the landers here!


The AdPlexity Team

Yep, that’s a no brainer for $1.

Mind you I already had a look at the landers – neatly organised in directories by vertical and type, properly named, cleaned up code, basically ready to run.

Hand-picked best performers.

You’d be silly to miss this.

Thread here

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