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🍕 + 🍶 Faster Than 🤖
🍕 + 🍶 Faster Than 🤖

Uncle Google keeps slapping poor @jaybot’s domains.

Every 45 minutes. (5 months no flags!) Flag.

Backup (45 minutes later flag) (30 minutes flag)

But then Mr. Jaybot got:

A dot com.

Results? No problemos thus far.

Case in point?

Ole Jaybot noticed .com domains are waaay faster than the new wave domains.

Is he on to somethin’?

Are they, really?

I’ll let Legendary Matuloo, new Hyper-Smart junior mod @jeremie, @stickupkid, Lazy Neo and prominent STMers explain in detailz.

In the meantime, Yours Truly recommends ye ask The Lord Master of Domains Himself -- Kim Dotcom.

>> Go ye here and see if Dotcoms be faster <<

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Lazy Neo’s Newbie Revelations

Lazy Neo spills boundless wisdom for STM nooblets.

Newsflash: affiliate marketing ain’t “easy 5-figure days bro”–style–courses.

What ye need to do is 2 things:

  1. Listen keenly to what The Chosen One chants.

  2. Try to find the hidden financial wisdom and advice deep inside this post.

Here’s a taste of His writings:

“I would like to make a series of posts for beginners that hopefully help to get a better and easier start and that also shall clarify some stuff.

It´s not necessarily about specific offer verticals or traffic types or so.

It shall be a rather general guideline to help to form a good and winning overall mindset and to develop a better understanding about affiliate marketing in general.

Probably one of the biggest motivations to start affiliate marketing is the money that you can earn so this is what this first post is about.

Often rather sooner than later the reality kicks in and people realize that affiliate marketing is no free ride to wealth and fortune.”

This post be long.

I recommend ye read it all at least twice.

Pay attention, and be realistic.

Specifically, here’s an analogy:

“Well, making 5 figures a month sounds fantastic but I recommend to rather make a plan that matches your personal situation.

$10k in Canada is completely different than $10k in Bolivia.

Also make a difference between what you want and what you need.“

>> What do you need and what do you want? Get answers in here <<

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