STM Slim Shady Goes From McDonalds to $410,592.15 to Consistent $X,XXX/day

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STM Slim Shady Goes From McDonalds to $410,592.15 to Consistent $X,XXX/day
STM Slim Shady Goes From McDonalds to $410,592.15 to Consistent $X,XXX/day

This is Peter’s story.

Listen closely.

Mom’s spaghetti.

But first lemme paste this in here and let it sink in:

“So.. I pretty much owe my life to this forum. Everything I enjoy now is because of this forum. Definitely was not easy... btw I'm not smart at all lol. Everything I learned was just from hard work and repetition…”

Basically, Peter’s a mega shy guy and the chances of us hearing his ah-mazing success story were slim to none.

Yet here it is.

By the way, he thinks he isn’t smart but he’s got a philosophy degree – how does that even work?

Anywhom, said philosophy degree didn’t land him any jobs.

Queue McDonalds job.

(Started from the bottom in the literal sense.)

Then Peter “Lucky” Leung landed himself a $15/hour Wells Fargo job.

Wanna guess how that went?

Lookie here:

“We had impossible quotas and meetings where our managers would literally CURSE us out for not meeting our goals“

We all know how this portion of the story ends.

“I was done man... I couldn't afford rent/ I had to make excuses not to go out with friends because shit costs too much...Had to force myself to cook & I can't cook for sh** & I hate cooking lol... ”

Queue a Peter hitting STM’s join button.

6-8 months of crying and trying and Peter’s camps were still at -50% ROI.

He then decided to “hire” a mentor for $10k and get his wrists slapped daily – a shortcut to success if you may. Said shortcut got Peter $10k in the negative.

In the red.


Scammed by a gooroo, what a surprise.

The most ironic part was that Peter owed $10k to a bank.

What? Did you really expect some sort of Wolf of Wallstreet on a yacht type of happy STM story? Smooth sailing? No storms?

But here’s the key to the story:

Peter still went back to STM with $10k in debt and crumpled up hopes and dreams.

And then he found out @stickupkid’s Facebook + sweeps tutorials and guides.

His first campaign had 80% ROI.

The rest is history.

Just check out his testimonial below and then go read the thread:

Watch the testimonial

STM’s Eminem?

Leadrock Rock’n’Rolling Unnoticed

These guys somehow went under our radars.

They’re called LeadRock.

This is how every single affiliate network should approach affiliates and market itself.

We’re talking about LeadRock’s seemingly standard post in “Official Network Threads” on first sight.

It’s anything but standard as soon as you scroll down a bit.

Not your typical “Hey we’ve got X offers hit us up!!1” 0 effort threads we so often glance upon.

(Networks then wonder why they’re not getting affiliates and go belly up.)

LeadRock have been constantly posting what are essentially entire delicious, diabetes-inducing, extremely detailed, screenshot-ridden affiliate guides in their very own thread. As our very own @matuloo put it:

“Great info in your posts guys! It might be a good idea to post these as standalone threads, the info is solid so it definitely deserves more eyeballs! ”

Every single update of theirs is worthy of a standalone STM thread.

We’ve got stuff like:

  • Statistical significance and effective testing

  • Meta-data cleanup for FB images

  • Launching FB accounts on Mac + Win

  • Increasing CTRs through colour theory, angles, ad frequency and tons more

  • Creating an endless number of BMs

  • Gold and diamonds and oil

This is how it should be done.

If you’re an affiliate network then watch and learn because LeadRock are doing it right.

Shoutout below:

“Hey guys!

You probably have already heard about the private affiliate network with the approval rate up to 100% on some offers and also with some exclusive private offers?

If not, it’s about time to start working with us!

We are LeadRock, the first affiliate network, oriented onto WhiteHat offers.

Here we will be publishing announcements of offers and landings and other up-to-date news of our affiliate network.

Follow our page on VK, where we teach how to work with foreign markets and also publish real cases from our webmasters, as well as announcements of offers and our functional.

How is LeadRock different from its competitors:

  • Approval rate for some offers reaches 100%

  • Individual work with every webmaster

  • Rare exotic GEOs

  • Constant launch of new offers

  • Strong positions on nutritions

  • Proper converting leads and layings

  • A big amount of WhiteHat offers

  • LeadRock is the offspring of the F-media group company“

Go check these guys out because they deserve it.

For Those About to Rock, We Salute You

How to Write Native Ad Headlines That Sell (But Still Get Approved)

Ironically, this is the thread’s actual title and it’s “very much on the right path” as another member put it.

As the title implies @micoangelo needs helpz.

“I've had 9/10 of my headlines rejected in every campaign... It's annoying to say the least. And, it's a slow process to get things re-approved.

So I'm now at a point where it feels like I'm throwing darts blindfolded, because I don't know the "unspoken rules" of what copy can get attention, but still get approved.

Any advice?“

It turns out there’s no real secret.

No secret magic sauce.

But there is gold to be found as is the STM custom.

There’s a striking definition of CTR and how images and headlines relate to AIDA.

There’s a tip on using a mix of aggressiveness when cranking out ads and some stuff on time frequencies.

A swipefile from NativeAds.

Among other juicy things.

1 Simple Click Shows You How To Crank Out 7 Headlines Per Minute

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