♠️ [STM Contest] A Noob’s About to Take STM’s Money ♠️

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♠️ [STM Contest] A Noob’s About to Take STM’s Money ♠️
Time-Sensitive STM Contest: 1 Newbie’s About to Take STM’s Money

Hello aloha.

This is all super-time-sensitive.

Due to popular demand we’ve even extended the deadline to July 1st, midnight, EST.

That’s 6 days from the 24th.

Or fewer days if you’re getting this email a day or two later.

Now if you haven’t heard–our very own veteran mod “vortex” (Amy) made an enormous, literal step-by-step guide for newbies looking to make their first washington online.

For absolute newbies.

Even your mom hasn’t held your hands that much.

Meaning it’s for people who have never set foot in the treacherous paid traffic swamps.

People who are too scared of trackers, servers, landers, offers and sexy affiliate managers.

This is so basic you just grab-a-link-and-paste-it-in-a-traffic-source sort of basic.

Yes it got popular quick.

And people are making their first dollars online with it as we speak.

A bunch of profitable screenshots already posted.

You can check it out here: (yes it costs $1, reasons stated on the salespage–did you think this is some sort of a charity?)

Anywhom, back to the point.

We’ve generously decided to give away the money we’ve made selling this baby at $1 a pop to 1 lucky noob by starting a contest.

Requirements below:

1) Be a big newbie.
2) Post your results in this thread here:!
3) Cross your affiliate fingers.

To quote Amy’s thread:

“If you haven't had your first profitable campaign, or made your first conversion, or haven't even run your first campaign, then here's your chance!

(Even if you've had some success running campaigns, you'd be welcomed to enter this contest. But this is mainly for very green newbies.)”

“And the guide is a step-by-step. Almost down to every click and keystroke. With lots of images to illustrate.

I've made it so that you'd have absolutely NO excuse NOT to take action.

Not only are we giving away the casheroos but also a dollar-for-dollar matched extra prize and some other stuff too.

Though again, this thing closes its doors July 1st, midnight, EST. (Effectively, end of this month.)

Jump in Now or go Back to Being a Scaredy Cat

Noob Daredevil Takes Low Coin ($500) To Over 100% ROIs Consistently

Imagine a crazed Daredevil swinging his white cane all over the place.

Eventually he hits someone in the pinky and causes minor discomfort.

That’s what happens when you don’t have your superhero skills in check.

5 Franklins is honestly not a ton of paper to be playing around with.

Especially with push traffic.

If you did all the wrongs things with push traffic those 500 bucks will be gone faster than the wife can figure out a way to throw it all in the wind.

Luckily our month old newbie (aptly named “tryhard”) turned out to be one brave Daredevil.

He started off a low budget ($500) follow-along 2 months ago.

Risky move.

Turns out he does have special superhero skills in check after all:
- Super organised and detailed thread.
- Proper spying done with Adplexity Push (currently free, it’s in beta). Found out what’s working for his GEO in terms of offers/landers and traffic source.
- Persistence and determination.
- Patience.
- Balls.

His very first post shows a -20% ROI.

Promising start.

All of his subsequent posts boast over 100% ROI on average.

Week over week.

Some days the ROIs are over 150%.

There’s even one screenshot with a 436.59% ROI.

He split-tested a bunch of offers.

Changed aff networks.

Tested some more.

He was prepared but most importantly he just jumped in and took action.

Follow Along This STM Daredevil’s Journey

Newbie Finds Green-Lands and Makes Washingtons in Washington

It seems like we have a newbie theme going this time around fellas.

Buckle up.

This is a short one but there’s sweat, blood and tears all over the place.

Chris had his fair share of the 9-5 grind.

Even a promising job as a railroad conductor.

It paid great, he says.

Lots of room to grow and a bright future.

But I want you to name a single STMer who likes the 9-5 grind.

Name one.

Name one STMer who hasn’t felt the burnout.

It’s the slow progress that kills you in the end.

At one point he turned to the fertile lands of the interwebz.

He tried direct linking a Clickbank offer on Bing, got no sales and thought he was losing his time.

Bear in mind this was when he had 0 clue what he was doing.

Personally, I think he left easy money on the table but hey, we’re all happy to grab it for him.

Chris then went on to do some Amazon FBA and quickly realized how saturated the market is.

And then finally arrived at the STM safe haven and started Amy’s 40-Day tutorial.

Yadda yadda and guess what?

He just posted his first profitable screenshot.

But (if you know forum softwares) this took 3 pages of constant, detailed updates.

Soaking in feedback from our resident expert mods and members.

Taking action. (this phrase should be embedded in your mind by now).

And whaddya know? Another profitable follow along for those who put in the work.

Make it Rain in Washington

The Push Ads Gravy Train Just Got Diabetes-Level-Sweet


You’re not doing push traffic?

Push may have just become the new pops.

But it’s all hush-hush for the time being, so shush please.

One of our resident masters and legends Mr. Green just slammed this a few days ago.

And the push gravy train just got diabetes-sweet.

Obviously we don’t want the wild barbarians of the open internet plundering this gold mine.

So you’ll just have to go in and get it yourself if you’re an STM member.

But let me just say this:

Mr. Green’s special traffic source that has made a lotta people a lotta money has just added:

[quote] “mega push subscriber database without sending a single push to it.”

Not only could you previously bank cold hard cash by only paying CPA (i.e. per lead/sale).

These guys know how to innovate.

But now they’re also offering push traffic on a CPM basis and check this out:

It's growing by 1 million + subscribers a day.”


As of 2 days ago, this database just became available to the public.”

Virtually untapped.

Virtually on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Your choice.

To Bank or Not to Bank Easy Money?

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