[SPOONFEEDING] Here’s Your Free Converting Campaign

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[SPOONFEEDING] Here’s Your Free Converting Campaign
Here’s Your Free Campaign - Lazy Neo Spoonfeeding STMers

“Yes, it´s definitely converting.” - @twinaxe

Basically, 2-3 things:

  1. Lazy Neo is once again spoon-feeding you a free, working, converting, live, campaign.

  2. It’s even better than the last one.

  3. Yer stupid if ye don’t run this ASAP.

Yet another campaign guide (meaning it has a live, working offer) this time with a cherry on top.

But first, what’s the offer type?

It’s finance surveys and yes, not only do you get the exact network but the exact offer ID too.

Finance surveys are literally a buncha questions and then you get a conversion trigger. That’s it.

And you get the creatives.

And the copy.

And the targeting.

All you need to know to run this offer.

While we’re at it, he might as well jump in and set up your campaigns for ye...

What’s the cherry on top?

You get Lazy Neo’s fancy, hi-tech auto-translating lander in a cozy .zip file ready to plug’n’play.

“What makes the LP so special is that it the language is dynamic and it autotranslates based on the browser language of the user so you can use the same LP for many different geos without changing anything.

The offer page itself is available in EN, ES, PT, ID, TH, IT, DE, FR, NL, PH, VN, MY, RU and ARABIC so I prepared the landing page with all of these languages.”

It literally does not get any easier than this and I don’t know how long this spoonfeedin’s gonna last.

Once again, this is free money.

Nobody does this anywhere else on the web.

Launch this campaign now.

Yer welcome.

>> Go get your free campaign right now <<

[SPONSORED] Samaritan Gives Away Brand New Tesla!


It’s no secret - running paid traffic has gotten hard.

Whether it be Native, Pop, Facebook, Google, GDN, or Email.

Long gone are the days of launching easy campaigns to rein in the big bucks, without losing sleep or pulling your hair out.

Prices for accounts have gone up. Nobody ever really knows which aff tools really work, or which forum really holds the answers you need to achieve success.


We at Supreme Media are constantly working our Supreme butts off, to figure out the answer to ONE question:

“What Do Our Partners Need?”

Is it:

  • Affiliate tools?

  • Access to informative affiliate forums?

  • Spy tools?

  • Sources of discounted traffic?

  • Hybrid payout deals?

  • Help with ad accounts?

No matter what you may need, we “Affiliate Samaritans” at Supreme Media have got you covered!

As Andy Dufresne said to Ellis Boyd in The Shawshank Redemption, “I understand you're a man who knows how to get things.”

Consider us your very own Ellis Boyd!

Having trouble launching campaigns? Not sure which creatives to use?

Hit us up, have a chat with one of our knowledgeable Supreme Affiliate Managers, and we’ll get you on the road to success.


Supreme Media is giving away a brand new Tesla to their affiliates!

Sign Up Now with Supreme Media and send 500 FTD’s in the month of April to win your brand new Tesla!

(Stay tuned for Supreme Media’s latest promos, best converting weekly GEO’s and much more! Follow them on the Supreme Media Facebook Page.)

@jaybot’s New Native Loss Pr0n

Are you following @jaybot’s latest ad-venture - a native follow along?

Hop in to enjoy these sweet early tears of red stats.

“That being said... that first one at the top is an offer I just started this morning. -30% off the bat looks purdy promising to me. And that was with all my camps getting hit with a bunch of new (crap) sites at the same time (hence all the overspending).

I think I shall drop everything else for now and focus just on that one.

Oh. Also.

I've successfully converted my first ** pill and several solar leads.

So I'm not a complete retard.

I just need to tighten up and stop blowing money on dumb tests.”

Looks like it ain’t gonna be red for long.

Only time will tell...

>> Subscribe to jaybot here and while yer at it throw a few dollarydoos at him for the entertainment <<

Building a Digital Product Website that earns USD 10K Monthly

@pwekkwong and co are building long term bay-bayh.

You start to see such follow-alongs show up here and there.

People are slowly but surely transitioning to building longer-term assets and are testing many a new water.

‘Tis a lovely sight to behold.

But it ain’t without its trials and tribulations.

These guys’ digital product store’s launch has been delayed.

Such projects take time to launch – this ain’t a 3-question lander that has been ripped and passed along from affiliate to affiliate for the past 10,000 generations.

But once it takes off, it’s yours. It’s all yours.

The clients, the databases, the products (hell, the entire product’s yours), even the traffic.

The community.

The backend revenue.

The complete freedom from Zuckerbook and any-other-book bans.

And so on.

>> Go ye here and keep a close eye <<

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