Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley

Remember when Jim Cramer told us to buy Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) stonks?

That was three weeks ago.

I’m not kidding.

Thx, Cramer.

Plus, there are numerous affiliate dollarydoos rolling about in Sillicon Valley Bank’s spreadsheets.

Will fellow STMers get their money back?

Who knows.

Will there be a bailout?

I would trust South Park’s sound judgement.


You looking for a new U-S-A bank?

A safe-ish place to tuck yer profits?

See where STMers hide their money.

👉👉👉 Ye might wanna take a peek inside.

How to Scale Affiliate Campaigns in March

Look here:

“I have a simple campaign that's been profitable for about the past 2-3 years but struggling to scale it, but the ads/campaign seems pretty ever green.

I've set it up 2 campaigns (1 lowest cost, 1 cost cap) and in each 1 adset, 1 ad. The budget in total for the accounts is $50-100 depending on the account. However, anytime I scale it to $100 or above, the ROI drops negative. But $20-50 budget it's 100-300% ROI.

So far if I add another account at $50, it performs well. The moment I increase spends, the ROI just drops like crazy. The audience is broad (whole country, 35+) in tier 1.

Is there any way to structure this different or a method to scale it properly? I haven't been able to find much in the old threads or any info online on this.”


What is an affiliate supposed to do?

Raise budgets?

Cast spells?


Pray to the affiliate gods?

You need to be careful.

For one, don’t touch yer working campaign.

Like, ever.

For two, see below.

👉👉👉 Scale Yer Campaigns Now

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