[Shhh!] Sneaky Loophole Found - Awaiting Your Exploitation

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[Shhh!] Sneaky Loophole Found - Awaiting Your Exploitation
[Shhh!] Sneaky Loophole Found - Awaiting Your Exploitation

Our beloved member @jaybot has found a service that can help you collect push subscribers AND monetize them - then pay you a percentage of the earnings (i.e. on RevShare model).

The service gives you one link to implement.

What Most Affiliates Are Doing: Add the link to the landing pages of their existing campaigns, to create extra revenue.

What jaybot Started Doing: Run traffic DIRECTLY to the link to generate revenue.

The Problem? Many pop and push networks don’t allow such campaigns.

Which means jaybot could only run on a couple of networks that do allow this.

But then - our hero jaybot discovers this loophole...

It involves the use of an ingenious, deceptively-simple, custom-built landing page that allows him to circumvent the TOS of most networks…

Which COULD allow him to scale to the moon!

And there’s no reason why you can’t exploit the same loophole - while it lasts!

>> Learn About This Sweet Loophole Here <<

(For more details on this MAGICAL landing page - continue further down this newsletter.)

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  • ​VPN/Cleaners/Antivirus

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  • Gambling/Betting

  • Sweeps

  • Nutra​

  • Mobile Installs

  • Mobile Subscriptions

  • Telecom

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[Download] Jaybot’s Precious Lander - Leaked by Twinaxe!

Remember jaybot’s lander I mentioned at the start of this newsletter?

“You mean the ingenious, deceptively-simple, custom-built landing page that allows him to circumvent the TOS of most networks?”

Yeah, that’s the one!

In his original post, jaybot shared a screenshot of the magical lander.

Somehow, Moderator @twinaxe managed to swipe the lander and make it better - by incorporating translations to 49 languages!

And - like how Robinhood steals from the rich to give to the poor - twinaxe has shared the download link in the forum!

(I know I know - the rest of you ain’t poor - and I could hear jaybot yelling “I’m not rich - yet!” But the analogy is cool so it stays - sorry!)

There’s really no telling how long it would take for the lander to get saturated or fatigued - so download and run it RIGHT NOW!

>> Download Twinaxe’s Loot From This Post <<

Newbie Got Banned By TikTok...12 Times

New STM Member @scottgilmour has started a follow-along to detail their TikTok advertising journey.

No big impressive numbers so far, but this member is testing and learning a TON - and other members are learning alongside them.

@scottgilmour has done some solid spying, and concluded that Ecommerce is the way to go.

A shopify store was built, and interesting products are being tested at the moment.

This member seems grateful to FINALLY be running traffic after all those bans - and have plans to build a brand in the near future.

Definitely a follow-along you won’t want to miss - if you too want to try running on one of the fastest growing social media platform.

>> Learn About TikTok Without Spending Your Own Budget <<

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