Serial Entrepreneur Knows How To Shift Gears - Went From Native Newbie To Teacher In No Time

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Serial Entrepreneur Knows How To Shift Gears - Went From Native Newbie To Teacher In No Time
Serial Entrepreneur Knows How To Shift Gears - Went From Native >Newbie to Teacher In No Time

This guy went from a house flipper and real estate investor to making money via a keyboard, mouse and a monitor.

He tried organic traffic for the past 2 years with some success amounting to about 25k moolah/franklins/doubloons. That was just too slow for him.

But then out of nowhere he saw this bright, shining beacon of light that is paid traffic sped right past him. And he saw the driver too - STM, where he started his successful native follow along.

Jack_l is currently killing it, but not only that, he’s also dropping some insanely well articulated lessons for all the frightened noobs out there.

He says it’s all about copying and tweaking.

You can copy but you have to improvise. Otherwise you’re stuck in a race you can’t ever win.

You shouldn’t do blacklist campaigns right off the bat too:

“The only thing I might tweak from your description is that I don't think there's any reason to start running blacklist campaigns until you have a profitable offer. That's one thing I really wish I had done differently.“

Get those ads, landers and offers right and then worry about blacklisting disgusting, bot-ridden widgets.

Blacklisting is a whole different story which Jack talks about and explains how to do correctly. You definitely don’t want to start blacklisting with a high bid. Use high bids for your whitelist camps instead (more details on this in there too).

There’s also another reply in there revealing a dead-simple way to get started on native if the above sounds a bit complex.

It’s just 4 simple steps that have been confirmed to work by both our serial entrepreneur, Jack and many other native experts on the forum.

Oh, and there’s also a mega-reply by Jack on how to make listicles work on native - they’re not easy but put in the work and you can reap fantastic rewards if you do it right.

And sooo much more

Wild Boar Liquidator Hacks Facebook and Gets Retail Stores to Beg for his Product

I mean there’s no way you haven’t heard of Tim, a.k.a. The Wild Boar Liquidator by now.

Tim’s company has been growing exponentially and this guy just keeps on coming up with brilliant ideas on how to grow it even faster.

A fountain of knowledge he is and we love him.

When you think of cold calling and emailing you think low success rates.

But not this time.

This time around he shows us a simple FB hack to get retail stores to call YOU and want to sell YOUR product.

You see, this puts you at a great advantage when it comes to negotiating the deal. The retail store realises they need you and you don’t come off desperate.

Tim’s ad copy and angle is super clever and so is the technique which basically goes like this:

1) Find a company’s HQ address

2) Create your simple campaign

3) Forget about the campaign (shockingly enough, but you’ll see why in the thread)

Of course all the juicy details are inside as usual.

Go Hack Facebook

How Does a Push Traffic List Even Work?

Ye know, that’s a really good question.

Most haven’t even thought about it. But Mr. Sushiparlour asked some thought-provoking questions:

1. Whether 1 placement = 1 domain? Or could it be a collection of domains that the publisher owns bundled under 1 placement?

2. Is there a method to overlay different websites with the same push list collection code and is there any benefit in doing so? I.e. putting a code in the header of with a push list for

3. As I understand 1 push list = 1 domain since the browser permission is linked to the domain. (Correct me if I'm wrong). But how granular can you sub-target for the notifications? I.e. for geo targetting is it based upon the location of the person at time of collection or where they are currently and what is the tech limitation of how granular you can target.

4. Anyone mind explaining the flow of how it would work if say you had a push list and "rented" it to a traffic source? I.e. is there some program/script that directly link control of the push list from publisher to traffic source or is it more discretionary on the publisher's side to push the notice out and that they then track the clicks/engagements etc.

And the answers are not nearly as simple as you may think...

Learn how push lists work right here

The Lord of Privacy (Facebook) vs Doctors Hate Him (Native) - Who Wins?

There’s a fight going on right now on STM.

A member asked whether Facebook or Native is more volatile.

Some STM veterans are saying they’ve had native campaigns lasting for 12 months.

Others say their campaigns have been happily sitting for just as long on the Zuckerberg land of “privacy” (heheh).

Then some say you still have to keep monitoring them and that it depends on a lot of stuff.

A campaign could last you a day, week, month or a year but you have to keep your eye on it.

And of course there are the set it and forget it campaigns too.

Conclusive answers below in this gem of a thread.

Place your bets

Uncle Google’s “New” WebP Image Format Saves You 30% in File Size

This just showed up on STM.

It’s a new image format by Googley-do called WebP and it’s supposed to be smaller.

Meaning your landers would load way faster (especially mobile ones). 30% faster, in fact.

That’s a yes from me my friend. Any loading time savers are good savers.

Unfortunately this format’s not supported by IE and Safari yet and it’s a bit of a pain to convert a .JPG or a .PNG but the details on how to use this WebP thing are in the thread.

Right here

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