[Scary Case Study] 9,000 Conversions - $2,000 in Profit - Tiny GEO

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[Scary Case Study] 9,000 Conversions - $2,000 in Profit - Tiny GEO

[Scary Case Study] 9,000 Conversions - $2,000 in Profit - Tiny GEO - Thanks Ivan The Terrible

From an “_ex lurker & former Bambi_”,

@ivan the terrible now strikes fear into all things pops.

Innocent pops shiver in fear when they hear thy name, my friend.

To be more specifique – we’re talking all things pops in Palestine.

Numberos below:

Time period: December 2018 – March 2019

GEO: Palestine

Vertical: Sweepstakes

Traffic source: PropellerAds

Affiliate network: ClickDealer

Traffic type: Pops

Spent: $1,178.00

Revenue: $3,213.00

Profit: $2,035.00

A small case study you may think.

But looks can be deceiving.

The lessons behind this are what turns it into yet another STM golden nugget.


I also wanted to try to stimulate other members as well, members who are lurking on forum and maybe feeling intimidated, stuck in analysis paralysis or for whatever reason it might be… to come outside from the shadows and to make follow along.

Actually, _screw this_, I’ll let Ivan The Terrible do all the selling here because he’s so right:

“By joining STM forum, you already did one huge step. _You made a very wise and informed decision_, now it's time to _ go even further and use this awesome community to your advantage._

This is for all of you Gollums.

For all of you hiding in the dark shadowy depths of STM forum, afraid to come out.

Further quote:

“Let me tell you this. I took harder way and I've learned that things will never going to be perfect.

And that they doesn't have to be perfect. There is no such thing as perfect moment to start.

So please don't be like me and make follow along

I promise you, you will get awesome support, you won't regret it and you will be in best hands 🙏“


I wish I could paste in the entire massive thread in here but your email client’s going to chew and then spit this newsletter out.

Ivan’s sneaky campaign lasted a good 3 months.

9,000 conversions.

$2,000 profit.

Priceless lessons.

Stick yer eyes to the exact process used to get there - from research to planning to execution.

To mindset.

To having a clear, defined system.

Plus the one thing you must never, ever mess up when running campaigns in 2020. Doesn’t matter if it’s pops or FB or G Ads or a Craiglist ad - no joke, no sales pitch, just go see, it really is crucial.

>> Go ye here, read Ivan The Terrible’s terrifying case study and hit that thanks button ASAP...or actually, hit the thanks button first and then do the rest <<

[SPONSORED] Push Notifications: Why You Should Try It

Howdy folks, Clickadu here!

We’re giving out bonus traffic – interested?

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*maximum cashback amount is $250.

How to Doge The Boot on Pops

Straight up:

How do ye not get booted off offers on popperoos? (adult offers)

Or in more normal-human-being words:

“Is there a way for you not to get kicked out of offers when promoting using pop traffic? When I start getting profitable and start to scale and drive more leads, I get paused due to bad quality. This has happened a few times already.

I know that pop traffic is the worst type of traffic but are there offers that you can run long term without getting paused? What vertical would match this traffic type. I was promoting adult dating offers btw.

How do you drive pop traffic to offers sustainably?”

Short answer, yes.

Long-ish answer, yes definitely.

2 primary ways this is done, thanks to our new mod-hero @twinaxe, a.k.a. Lazy Neo, @platinum (native wizard @ The Optimizer) and our very own legendary @matuloo.

Quick tip 1 is to shoot over placement IDs to your network and ask which ones are duds for the advertiser -> rinse and repeat.

Tip 2 boils down to “cleaning” your traffic – since adult advertisers are typically more strict you want to do this:

  • Start by using language targeting.e.g. the offer’s native language + English.

  • Sneaky redirect rules that get other STMers in the thread to slap their foreheads. (you probably haven’t done any of this either, see the thread.)

  • Also SOI vs revshare – revshare is obviously safer, risk is on your side.

There’s also a surprise special tip 3 by legendary @matulooo but I can’t let this one out to the freebie-vultures.

>> And, basically, you should just go here and hit Subscribe, yer welcome<<

Very First Conversion 1 Hour After Launching Campaign

Another newbie making us shed tears of pride.

“A baby step, yet I am thrilled! Please check attachment.”

Your first conversion and the sudden adrenaline rush is what addicts you to this game.

It’s unforgettable.

Green just so happens to be STMers’ favourite colour.

Green also happens to be the family name of one of STM’s legendary founders, too.

Our guides and mods and community paint your screenshots green. >> Go ye here and encourage this newbie asap <<

wipes tear First 10$ Profit / +25$ Revenue (plus a mild case of the shiny object syndrome)

Would you stop cutting these bloody onions?

Thank you.

Oh look, another newbie profitable.

Oh look, it’s @ivan the terrible from above explaining how it took him 120+ offers and 3 months before seeing steady green numbers.

Also, you have the occasional STM wisdom thrown in.

This newbie seems to have a mild case of the shiny object syndrome.

Others are trying to provide the cure before it’s too late.

You wanna read all the replies in there, newbie or not.

>> Go shed some manly tears like I did and absorb STM wisdom like a sponge <<

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