🧔🏻 Saint Jaybot Hits $1,053,252/yr

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Jaybot The Saint Hits $1M Revenue in 2022

Has Jaybot The Saint gone soft?

Has The World’s Most Boring Follow Along gotten…boring?

Curse words few and far between…



It seems to me this here thread’s missing some of the ‘ol Newsletter Curse.

Let’s crank this baby up.

Look at these numbers down here:

$1,053,252 That's two commas. Still sloppy, as I'm sure there are a few minor offers or networks I'm missing, but this is close enough.”

So yes. More than $1 million dollars in revenue.

From about 20 networks, with the majority coming from 3 of them. But.

Do I get to keep any of it?

Let's see... $1.05m minus $901k...

Just about $151k profit for 2022.

Give or take $5k or so for subscriptions, hosting, spytools, etc. etc.”

Not bad.

Scroll over to the next page and ye see a glimpse of the old Jaybot.

“Oh #$@. %$# that. You're just asking for the curse to come now, %$%$#%

I must have been tired and didn't have time to pepper my post with as many eloquent euphemisms and colloquial mannerisms as possible.

Won't $%#@%@ happen again, sir. I promise!”

That’s better.

But what’s even better is we’re expecting a juicy January update.

Jaybot left me no options but to write this here long#$@ piece–or we get no January update.

Yer welcome.

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When? Where? How?


WHEN: 28th February, 12:00 (noon)

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