Run Taboola @ $1M Ad Spend – STM Pro Tips

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Run Taboola @ $1M Ad Spend – STM Pro Tips
Run Taboola @ $1M Ad Spend – STM Pro Tips

If you’ve ever wondered how the big boys on STM run campaigns on Taboola, Outbrain and the likes, this is it.

This is literally how the pros do their magic on native traffic with millions in ad spend.

The veil has been lifted yet again.

One member running traffic on Taboola for the past few months with over $1M in ad spend asked for tips.

And oh boy did he get tips from some of STM’s greatest.

There are tips for campaigns ranging from $X,XXX/day to $XX,XXX/day and beyond.

See why you should stop optimizing placements.

How to setup bids and budgets.

Why you shouldn’t touch some campaigns.

What’s working.

And so much more. And that’s already giving up way too much.

>> Go see for yourself <<

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$XXXX Month Profits by @roiter123

Another day, another profitable follow along.

@roiter’s persistence paid off with $1,724.60 in profits.

$5,598.40 Revenue.

35% ROI.

How? Push traffic and persistence.

Plus, if you go back to page 4 and scroll to the bottom you’ll see one little-known trick @twinaxe lets out that can scale your campaigns big with little to no effort.

>> Go here and read @roiter123’s follow along <<

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