🏴‍☠️Resurrecting 7-Figure Affiliates From Their STM Graves 🤑One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns

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🏴‍☠️Resurrecting 7-Figure Affiliates From Their STM Graves 🤑One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns

🏴‍☠️Resurrecting 7-Figure Affiliates From Their STM Graves

Swipe the webs off yer monitors.

Blow the dust away.

And lemme take you on a trip down memory lane.

Walking around the STM tombs you encounter a ye olde thread.

From way back in 2014.

2014 = ancient times.

A time when there was no Cardi B in chainmail armour. (Or was there?)

Nor coronaviruses.

Nor Donald.

Nor that many banned FB accounts, The Zucc did not neet to suck on innocent advertisers’ souls to feed his insatiable lizard brain.

But there are countless, priceless wise words that stand the test of time:

  • The #1 huge-est mistake all affiliates make: action, not motion (i.e. lookie here: get shit done)

  • Why you should not look for the “best” (cheapest) option when hiring employees

  • Boundless wisdom from STM giants and 7-figure affiliates:

    • Charles Ngo

    • Legendary Mr. Green

    • Mysterious @cmdeal

    • The man, the myth, the legend – @stackman (“The mental note behind this is you're forcing luck.. you're forcing a big campaign by testing so much that it can't NOT work. Make sense?”)

    • Sweet @polarbacon

    • @kokofai

    • Many, many more.

>> Grab yer whips and toilet rolls, go ye here and roam the STM crypts <<

[SPONSORED] One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns

Ever wonder why so many affiliates never reach consistent profits?

To hit on a winning campaign, you need to test 4 things:

Offers, Ads, Landing Pages, and Traffic Sources.

Test enough combinations and you’ll find winners.

Sounds simple - until you look at the math.

Example: 4 Offers x 10 Ads x 5 Landing Pages = 200 combinations to test

(And this is assuming the traffic is decent.)

The scary thing? Even if you test all 200 combinations, you may not find a winner.

Pro affiliates take a different approach: They do research to narrow things down first.

And many of them rely on one particular data intelligence tool.

Top affiliates use this tool to cherry-pick the most-recent campaigns, that have been receiving lots of traffic over at least a few days…

Which means they have a good chance of being winners.

Then the pros would test, tweak and optimize based on these campaigns.

This way, there are WAY fewer combinations to test, and the success rate is MUCH higher.

The tool is Adplexity, and here’s why it’s the best:

-Shows you entire campaigns: Ads, offers (& affiliate networks), landing pages, traffic sources, placements, etc.

-Tons of great reviews from users (google to find).

-The biggest and most-accurate database of campaigns, bar none.

-Intuitive user interface, easy to use.

-Covers: Native, Push, Pop, Display, Adult, and In-App traffic.

-Covers many traffic networks: AdCash, Taboola, PropellerAds, Exoclick + dozens more.

The Good News: Adplexity is offering a 30% LIFETIME discount to our subscribers.

Adplexity 30%-Off Lifetime Discount

Think: How difficult it would be to compete with affiliates that ARE using Adplexity, when you’re not.

You can’t afford NOT to get this tool.

Show Me Winning Campaigns Today

[FOLLOW ALONG] “So, sorry Jaybot, my cat shit on your work.”

_Y so confuse?_

Let me provide context and reading material from this marvel of a newbie follow along.

Copy-pasta below:

“I just joined a couple days ago and I've been devouring as much as the info and posts as I possibly can. Total goldmine here, guys. Well done

The follow-alongs that are most on the mind are Jaybot's Boring Thread, which totally made me fall asleep. BECAUSE I just don't want to stop going through that Odyssey since it's LOADED with valuable info and I fell asleep reading and re-reading it. It seems to be the most recent and updated follow-along on here. I even printed out parts of it, annotated it, then shredded it to keep the sanctity of this awesome forum. Then, I used the shreds for my cat's litter box. Saving money wherever I can so I can burn it on affiliate marketing.

_So, sorry Jaybot, my cat shit on your work._

I've gone through diplomat's Starting from the beginning one recently too, which had posts that I really resonated with. I'm personally at a point right now where I'm generating about $300 revenue daily, but I'm sitting at between $50 - $250 loss, daily. I have one offer right now that if I ran that, alone, would bring in $200 rev, ~$40-50, profit daily. Then the rest of the loss comes from testing new offers and attempting to scale, which so far has been a failure of a mission.“

Tell me, where else have ye seen a forum thread being printed, then shredded, then used as cat litter?

For the sake of STM’s sanctity.

How noble.

Anyway, that’s beside the main point.

In here we have a newbie feeling like this:

But at the same time @bennimen is persistent with updates.

Despite his “internal alarms” –  “Against all of my internal alarms, I keep spending”.

Case in point?

This is yet another common trait of winners.

Ye must realise you’re spending on your education.

Anyway, let me wrap up with a piece of @jack_l’s reply in there and leave you pondering:

“ can potentially let you earn more than doctors and lawyers who paid half a million dollars and years on end for their education”

I rest my case.

>> Now go ye here and subscribe to this follow along, you’re about to see a newbie bloom <<

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